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Nebraska County Countdown - 62 Greeley County

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Greeley County’s courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Greeley County was created in 1871 and organized in 1872. It was named after famed newspaper man and politician Horace Greeley, who coined the phrase “Go West, Young Man”. It was initially settled by seventh-day baptists from Wisconsin. Soon after, the railroad came through and established a town of Irish Catholics in present day Spalding. The county seat was originally in Scotia, but moved to Greeley.

Something I learned writing this article: The county numbers were based on the number of cars needing tags in 1922. Greeley County, for example, had the 62nd highest number of cars. I always thought it was the order they were organized. The more you know, eh?

It’s most notable attraction is the Happy Jack’s Peak and Chalk Mine, the only chalk mine you can tour in North America! I got to go there when I was little, then something happened and they closed it for many years. It’s open again, you should go.

My visits to Greeley County typically involve a trip to Stromp’s Dump, a tractor salvage yard, to scrounge parts for our vintage John Deere tractors. Jim Stromp is one of those old handshake people.

Famous Greeley County Natives:

Beloved Punter Sam Foltz

Miss Congeniality Belinda Wright

Outlaw country music group TomPall and the Glaser Brothers, who sing my father’s favorite song:

Notable 62s:

Matt Hoskinson, Battle Creek NE, walk-on, 95 and 97 National Champs

Mike Beran, Ord NE, 70 and 71 National Champs

Current Husker wearing 62 is: Offensive Lineman Cole Conrad

62-24: Nebraska walloped #2 Florida in the 1995 Fiesta Bowl to win their fourth national championship!

November 3rd, 1962 was the start of the sellout streak!

In 1962, Coach Bob Devaney went 9-2, losing to Missouri and #10 Oklahoma during the regular season before beating Miami in the Gotham Bowl 36-34.

Got any memories concerning the number 62? Share them in the comments!