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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 85

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Let’s take a trip to Banner County!

But what does it mean?

Banner County began its life as Cheyenne County, which was split up in 1888 as more settlers came to the area into Deuel, Cheyenne, Kimball, Scotts Bluff, and Banner County. Banner county is only one of two counties in Nebraska to have its name derived from the ambitions of the inhabitants. They wanted the county to be the banner, or the “brightest star in the constellation of Nebraska counties.” The largest town and county seat is Harrisburg, Nebraska, with a population around 100 people.

In the 1970s, to fight off those pesky Russians, they installed ICBMs all around the area including 20 Minuteman missiles in Banner County. Do not blow up our cornfields or else!

Deep oil reserves were discovered in the area in 1919 that peaked in 1960 producing over 7,000,000 barrels of oil. There are still around 200 active oil wells today.

Banner county has one historical site - the C.C. Hampton Homestead - which has not been digitized so I cannot put a link to it.

Other Husker 85 Things:

  • Freeman White (All-America and All-Big 8 E 1965, All-Big 8 E 1964)
  • Jerry List (hon mention All-Big 8 TE 1971)
  • Robb Schnitzler (SE 1986)
  • Current Husker wearing 85 is Junior Tight End (Traffic Eradicator) Matt Snyder from San Ramon, California.
  • The Huskers in 1985 went 9-3 under Tom Osborne losing the home opener to #13 ranked Florida State 13-17. They won the next nine games before falling to #5 ranked Oklahoma 7-27 to end the regular season and #5 ranked Michigan 23-27 in the Fiesta bowl.

What things did I miss?