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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 87

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Let’s take a trip to Logan County!

Welcome to great ole Logan County, Nebraska! Logan County boasts a population of about 770 people and is counted as being in the North Platte Metropolitan population district. Back to the usual naming trends, Logan County is named after Union General John A. Logan. The four communities are Gandy, Hoagland, Logan, and Stapleton - the county seat and largest town. There are currently no historical sites listed for Logan County.

The Village of Stapleton began in 1912 when the Union Pacific Railroad extended a branch line west from Callaway into Logan County. That line, built from Kearney to Callaway in 1890, was to eventually cross McPherson and Arthur counties and link up with a main line along the North Platte River in Garden County. However, that part of the plan did not materialize, so Stapleton remained a terminus station. In the early years this was a big asset because people from a wide came to Stapleton to trade and travel....Continue reading here.

Other Husker 87 Things:

  • Bob Martin (All-America and All-Big 8 DE 1975)
  • Nate Swift (All-Big 12 PR 2008) Tom Banderas (second-team All-Big 8 TE 1987)
  • Current Husker wearing 87 is Wide Receiver (Wide Repeller)* Conor Young from Cozad, Nebraska.
  • The 1987 Nebraska Cornhuskers lead by Tom Osborne went 10-2. They were ranked #2 all season until they played #1 Oklahoma and lost 7-17. They also lost the Orange Bowl to #3 Florida State in a nail biter 28-31.


I might start using this hahaha.

What other things did I miss? I really could not find much on Logan County.