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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 88

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Let’s take a trip to Loup County!

Loup County breaks our naming trends as it is not named after a president or general. Loup County is named the historical opposite of those things, Pawnee Loup Indians. Loup County’s largest town and also the county seat is Taylor, Nebraska.

Loup county is home to two different Nebraska Historical Sites: The Pavillion Hotel and Thomas and Mary Williams Homestead.

The Pavillion Hotel is located at the junction of Murry Street and U.S. Highway 183 in Taylor, a small town in.the north central Nebraska Sand Hills. The two story, with full attic floor, frame hotel has undergone interior and exterior alterations throughout the years to accommodate a range of businesses including the local newspaper and a small grocery store. The mansard style building is the region’s only extant example of a first generation, wood-frame latitudinal block hotel. A prominent regional landmark since its construction in 1887, the hotel exhibits good integrity. The nomination consists of one contributing building....Continue Reading Here

Other Husker 88 stuff:

  • Guy “The Fly” Ingles (honorable mention All-America SE 1970, second-team All-Big 8 SE 1970, hon mention All-Big 8 SE 1969)
  • Sheldon Jackson (second-team All-America TE 1998, All-Big 12 TE 1998)
  • Rod Smith (second-team All-Big 8 SE 1986-1987) Mike Croel (second-team All-Big 8 DE 1989)
  • Current Husker wearing 88 is...nobody....

Share your Loup County or Husker 88 Memories in the comments!