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2018 Nebraska Football Position Examination - Wide Receivers

Possibly the deepest and most talented position group in 2018 - don’t you think we’re going to throw the ball A LOT this season?

Brent Fields

I expect the 2018 version of Nebraska football the throw the ball a lot. If I had to guesstimate now (and we can come back later and look) I would say that we will have a 65 to 35 percentage passing to run ratio.

I have nothing to back that up, it’s just a hunch. I am perfectly fine with throwing the ball all over the place, as I don’t really subscribe to the idea that Nebraska has to run the ball well in order to be successful.

Nebraska is loaded at the wide receiver position.

The big talking point before the season starts? The same talking point that’s been around for years.

Can _____ be Nebraska’s first 1000-yard receiver?

I don’t think it will happen. J.D. Spielman broke all kinds of freshman records in 2017. Stanley Morgan came within 14 yards of the magic number and is as good a receiver as we’ve had, but Frost’s past shows quarterbacks distributing the ball around. Note this line from an article last fall that the mothership did about Frost’s offense - It’s a distribution-heavy offense that gets a lot of people involved.

There are currently 20 receivers on Nebraska’s roster. The complete list is below. How many will get a reception? How many will play? Answer - as many as possible.

Jon: Stanley Morgan Jr., JD Spielman, Tyjon Lindsey, Mike Williams, Jaevon McQuitty, Kade Warner

Note that Williams and Jaron Woodyard are both JUCO guys who are eligible to play this fall. We saw Williams in the spring game, Woodyard will show up later.

Question - I keep hearing people say Nebraska has so much more talent than UCF, even now, before Frost’s recruiting cycles have really gotten going. If that’s the case, why is he bringing in JUCO transfers? Could it be that people saying that are flat out wrong?

Mike: I’m going to try and slot these guys in groupings:

WR: Morgan, Williams, Bryan Reimers

WR: Spielman, McQuitty, Todd Honas

Slot: Lindsey -OR- Mikale Wilbon

Both Lindsey and Wilbon in the slot provide three threats to run the ball, which could open up holes in the coverage for Morgan or Spielman to exploit.

Andy: Everyone. EVERYONE. All of them!! Even Kurt Warner’s kid!!

You know the Huskers have strayed a tad from their old identity when the one position on the roster that is loaded like a Texas Roadhouse baked potato is WR. Mmmm...baked potatoes. What was the question again?

2018 Nebraska Wide Receivers

Number Name Height Weight Year Hometown
Number Name Height Weight Year Hometown
42 Chad Alioth Jr. 6-2 170 RFr. Omaha, Neb. (North)
36 Christian Banker 6-1 185 RFr. Omaha, Neb. (Omaha Skutt Catholic High School)
45 Ty Chaffin 6-5 200 So. Burwell, Neb. (Burwell)
Bennett Folkers 6-3 180 Fr. Gothenburg, Neb. (Gothenburg)
41 Justin Holm 6-4 175 Fr. Lincoln, Neb. (Southwest)
43 Todd Honas 5-11 195 So. Aurora, Neb. (Aurora)
Andre Hunt 6-0 175 Fr. Palm Dale, Calif. (Paraclete)
Wyatt Liewer 6-3 165 Fr. O'Neill, Neb. (O'Neill)
1 Tyjon Lindsey 5-9 160 So. Corona, Calif. (Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, Nev.))
4 Jaevon McQuitty 6-0 195 RFr. Columbia, Mo. (Battle)
8 Stanley Morgan Jr. 6-1 195 Sr. New Orleans, La. (St. Augustine)
83 Bryan Reimers 6-5 210 Sr. Lincoln, Neb. (Lincoln East)
33 Dylan Reynolds 6-0 170 RFr. Broken Bow, Neb. (Broken Bow)
40 Brandon Robbins 5-10 190 RFr. Bellevue, Neb. (Bellevue East)
10 JD Spielman 5-9 180 So. Eden Prairie, Minn. (Eden Prairie)
31 Kade Warner 6-1 200 RFr. Scottsdale, Ariz. (Desert Mountain)
Dominick Watt 6-1 200 Fr. Hollywood, Fla. (Miramar)
19 Mike Williams 5-10 175 Jr. Lake City, Fla. (East Miss. CC/Georgia Southern) (Columbia)
Jaron Woodyard 5-11 180 Jr. Gaithersburg, Md. (Arizona Western CC) (The Avalon School)
87 Conor Young 6-2 180 Jr. Cozad, Neb. (Cozad)