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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 90

Let’s take a trip to McPherson County!

I did not write day 90 on Sunday because I am lazy, so you will get two today. The second will be tonight when I have some more time.

McPherson County was formed from Logan county in 1890 and was named after Union General James B. McPherson. The county seat is Tryon, Nebraska, named supposedly after people could not agree on a name and “kept on tryin’ (to think of a name.” That sounds like something I would do.

Tryon was the original county seat but from 1890-1892 they decided to name the town the same as the County, McPherson. There were a lot of county battles back in the day and McPherson was one of them. The unorganized territory to the west was annexed in 1891 but when people wanted the county seat to be moved to a more western location in 1913, Arthur county was formed from half of McPherson.

The population peaked at an all-time high of 2,470 in 1910 due to the KinKaid Act of 1904. The ground, even with a full section, proved to be inadequate to support a family due to being in the Sandhills. The population has been declining ever since.

Continue reading the history here.

Other Husker 90 Stuff:

  • Adam Carriker (All-Big 12 DE 2005 and 2006)
  • John Dutton (All-America and All-Big 8 DT 1973)
  • Alex Henery (All-America and All-Big 12 PK 2010, All-Big 12 PK 2009, second-team all-Big 12 PK 2008)
  • Current Husker wearing 90 is defensive lineman Ben Lingenfelter.

What did Husker stuff did I miss about the number 90? What are your memories or experiences with McPherson County? I love to hear you stories in the comments. Also, you all need to be more mean to me when I am being this lazy.