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Friday Flakes: Pump the Brakes on the Adrian Martinez

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Lets do everybody a favor

Jon Johnston

Can we please do everything we can to pump the brakes on this hype train?

We have all seen this story before. And it was not that long ago. This year it is Adrian Martinez, and last year it was Tanner Lee.

“But this time is different!”

Really? Are you sure of that?

The hype machine that seems to happen every off-season has been in overdrive the past two off-seasons. We need to remind ourselves about what happened last year. If any reason just to soften the fall from grace for Adrian Martinez when he doesn’t immediately turn into Marcus Mariota.

Did he look good during the spring game? Yes.

But remember that defense that he made look slow gave up 183 yards rushing on ten carries to Demry Croft of Minnesota last year. Croft was so good that he transferred to Tennessee State.

That defense gave up 54 points to Minnesota. Do you know how many points Minnesota scored the following two games? Zero.

I wrote glowingly things about Tanner Lee last year and boy was I wrong. It happened because I bought into the hype machine. I just really wanted them to be right. As did many Nebraska fans.

So do I want Adrian Martinez to be the next Marcus Mariota? Of course. But this time I am going to choose to block out the proclamations surrounding another quarterback who has yet to play a single meaningful snap under center for Nebraska.

Maybe this time I’ll be pleasantly surprised instead of neglectfully disappointed.

Sports Stories That Are All N’

Tate Wildeman’s journey to Nebraska ended how it was supposed to

Tate Wildeman was ready to quit football.

He started his high school football career at Legend High School in Parker, Colo., as a quarterback. The problem was he was only 5-foot-6 and 150 pounds as a freshman, so he was third (and occasionally fourth) on the depth chart. It didn’t bother him too much at the time, only because his passion laid elsewhere.

Huskers need to find their niche again in recruiting, says BTN analyst Gerry DiNardo

Gerry DiNardo played against Nebraska in the 1973 Orange Bowl. He coached against the Huskers as an assistant at Colorado throughout the 1980s.

One thing, he said this week, was true in all those games: Nebraska had a ton of talent and acquired it not only through strong development, but great recruiting.

Husker Hockey team makes first-ever run to national tourney

The first-ever run to the national North Central Collegiate Hockey Association tournament has changed a lot of things about the University of Nebraska men’s hockey club -- née, Husker Hockey.

Rahmir Johnson’s coach impressed by Scott Frost and staff

Running back Rahmir Johnson helped lead high-profile New Jersey program Bergen Catholic to its first state title in 13 years. With one more year to keep Bergen Catholic on top, Johnson then turns his attention to another revival at Nebraska.

Husker’s Hope Dachshund Rescue

Husker’s Hope is a nonprofit that rescues Dachshunds from all over the country who need special care, primarily those with back injuries, which is common.

More offseason love for Isaiah Roby

The official start of practices for the college basketball season is still a few months away, but that hasn’t stopped attention from finding Husker junior-to-be Isaiah Roby.

Sports Stories Outside of our Scarlet and Cream Bubble

Jameis Winston has to grow up at some point.

Percy Harvin Takes His Battle With Anxiety Public as He Gets Closer to Internal Peace

Percy Harvin is a failure. He’s an entitled, high-strung hothead whose coaches struggled to harness his game-breaking skills as a wide receiver and return man. He complained, fist-fought and prima donna’d his way out of the NFL by age 28.

Tim Tebow suddenly looking like a pro baseball player

The jokes have slowed considerably. The playful jabs have begun to subside. Tim Tebow is proving he belongs, and lately he’s doing more than that. He has been performing at a high level this month.


Mexico goes to the polls this weekend. 132 politicians have been killed since campaigning began, per one count

Even for a country numbed by escalating violence, the toll the campaign season in Mexico has exacted is horrifying.

There are American political issues, and then there are Mexico political issues.

Random Wikipedia Article: Facts You Never Knew You Needed

“Baunscheidtism is a form of alternative medicine created in the 19th century. The practice, a form of homeopathy, is named for its founder Carl Baunscheidt (1809–1873), a German mechanic and inventor.

The legitimacy of baunscheidtism as an effective medical practice was questioned by at least 1880, when a Melbourne practitioner named Samuel Fischer lost a lawsuit he brought against a patient who failed to pay him, based on the objection that Fischer (a bootmaker) was not a qualified medical practitioner.”

Some Uplifting Music

Have a good weekend fellow degenerates. I’ll be spending mine with family in Sioux Falls, SD. First time there.