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Frosted Flakes: What Is Your Vacation Style?

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It’s summer vacation season. We also dive into closed captions, ugly dogs, and get a little bit serious about mental health.

Tourists Leave Mountains Of Plastic Waste On Greek Beaches Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

I’m a planner. I like to map things out and not only come up with a plan, but also Plan B, C, and sometimes D. I can adjust and roll with the unexpected, but I don’t invite the unexpected to rule my day.

This is especially true of family vacations.

Ranchdude, on the other hand, would rather wait until the day before to decide on “when” and then jump in the car and discuss “where” while we are backing out of the garage.

Finding a happy medium in the 20+ years we’ve known each other has never happened. Either we get an adventure that is planned well in advance and includes some oscillation between plans A-D or we run out of summer weekends and have to settle for a “whatever” weekend within driving distance.

What is your vacation style? Do you like to plan ahead or take whatever the moment gives you?

Frosted Flakes

In rousing speech, QB coach says he wants Huskers to kick some ass — and knows Scott Frost will make it happen | Beatrice News Channel
Verduzco sees one major difference this time around — and his name is Scott Frost.

Life going well for ex-Husker and Olympian Kelsey Robinson | Volleyball |
She’s an Olympian, she got engaged in the past year, she had a highly-successful professional season in 2018 and now she’s the starting libero for the United States women’s volleyball team, the No. 2 team in the world.

Husker sophomore represents homeland | KHGI
Nebraska rising sophomore Thorir Thorbjarnarson (Thor-EAR thorb-YAR-nar-son) will return to Iceland this week to prepare to represent his home country of Iceland at the FIBA U-20 European Championships in July.Thorbjarnarson, a 6-foot-5 guard, 195-pound gu

Walljasper Named California Softball Player of the Year - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Lindsey Walljasper, who will be a freshman on the Nebraska softball team in the fall, has been named the California Softball Player of the Year, in the small schools division, announced on June 23.

Lloyd Places Sixth in 110-Meter Hurdles at USATF Outdoor Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Former Nebraska track and field student-athlete Antoine Lloyd finished sixth in the 110-meter hurdles on Sunday night at the USATF Outdoor Championships at Drake Stadium.

Jill's note: The photo on the story above is worth the click. Look at that hurdle bend!

Former Husker Schnell Wins Wichita Open - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
WICHITA, Kan. - Husker men's golf alumnus Brady Schnell took home his first Tour title after winning the Wichita Open on Sunday.

Culmer Earns Silver Medal at Bahamas National Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Former Nebraska track and field student-athlete Kaiwan Culmer earned the triple jump silver medal at the 2018 Bahamas Senior National Championships on Friday night at the Bahamas National Stadium in Nassau.

Sportsin’ News That Isn’t “N”

The NCAA is trying to destroy AAU basketball -
Changes are reportedly coming to college basketball recruiting, and they will be here soon.

Phoenix Mercury family room provides nearby place for kids of players and coaches during games
Dubbed "Coachella" by Diana Taurasi because of its fun environment, the Mercury family room provides a place for the players' kids during games.

Mississippi State's Alex Wilcox leaves legacy of love for softball
Mississippi State softball player Alex Wilcox died after a battle with cancer. Her legacy, Graham Hays writes, is her love of the game.

The Best Shirt in the World | by Ivan Rakitić
Rakitić explains why he chose to play for Croatia after his family had fled the country during the war

World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi, Argentina get a clean slate
Back from the edge, suddenly clear of failure’s very slipstream, Lionel Messi is alive and kicking. Not just that, he’s breathing once more, no longer suffocated by the prospect of humiliation.

Chase Budinger: Ex-NBA player, Arizona star playing volleyball |
Chase Budinger put volleyball in the backseat when he committed to Arizona to pursue his basketball dreams. After a seven-year NBA career, he finds himself back on the sand in hopes of participating in the Olympics.

What to know about Tyler Hilinski and CTE -
The deceased college quarterback’s brain “looked like that of a much older, elderly man,” according to a doctor.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

The Real Reason You Use Closed Captions for Everything Now | WIRED
Sure, subtitles are great for shows with heavy accents or lots of jargon—but they've become a defense against a world of chaos.

Jill’s note: Our family has taken to having captions on during anything we watch on TV. I thought it was just us...

First space, then auto—now Elon Musk quietly tinkers with education | Ars Technica
LA’s most exclusive school sits on SpaceX’s campus and skips sports, music, and languages.

Marree Man: The enduring mystery of a giant outback figure - BBC News
Etched into the outback 20 years ago, the vast figure remains a subject of fascination.

Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers - CBS News
Farming has by far the highest suicide rate of any occupation in the U.S. -- plummeting incomes may be one reason

Jill’s note: As someone who grew up during the farm crisis of the 80’s, I know how devastating a terrible farm economy can be for farm families. Dairy farmers especially are experiencing extreme difficulties. If you know someone, farmer or not, whose behavior has changed or is withdrawing from the people around them, reach out. Let me know your world is better with them in it.

Then There’s This

Ooh Zsa Zsa: Rescued Bulldog Wins Ugliest Dog Contest : NPR
Maybe it was the lolling tongue or the upward-thrusting chin — or the drool that often accompanies the two