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Nebraska County Countdown 71: Kimball County and Holy Moly! Man Woman and Child...

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Welcome to Antelopeville and remembering the Game of the Century.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Panhandle of Nebraska.

Kimball County has a population of 3,689 and the county seat is Kimball. The town Kimball was originally named Antelopeville but was renamed after confusion with a another nearby town named Antelope. The two other towns in the county are Bushnell and Dix.

The county was founded in 1888 from the western section of Cheyenne county. It was named after Thomas Lord Kimball, general manager on the Union Pacific railroad.

kimball county nebraska

In its heyday in the 1950s, the area was booming due to oil and the presence of Minute Man missle sites. The population at this time was well over 7,000 people.

This tidbit about the town of Bushnell was on the University’s Virtual Nebraska website.

In 1919 Emery Howe had a franchised electric plant. Operating on “No pay, no current” house power for washing or ironing was available from nine till noon. There was none for commercial purposes. Twenty four hour service became available in 1920.

Husker “71” Trivia:

  • Current Husker wearing #71 - Matt Farniok
  • Who wore it best? Dean Steinkuhler was a consensus All-American who won the Outland and Lombardi trophies in 1983.
  • Bob Devaney’s 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers were consensus national champions and are usually in the conversations about greatest college football team ever.

And of course, who can forget the “Game of the Century”? The real one. I still get chills at Lyell Bremser’s call on Johnny Rodgers punt return.

So what have you Corn Nation? Any memories or observations on Kimball county or 1971?