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Friday Frosted Flakes: Scott Frost vs. Twitter and a Cryptid Update

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What should the rules be for twitter

CFP National Championship presented by AT&T - Alabama v Georgia Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As most of you probably have already known, Scott Frost made some comments about what he tells potential recruits about their use of social media, and particularly twitter.

I actually think this is the beginning of Scott Frost’s war on twitter. Doesn’t he realize that if it weren’t for sexism, racism, political blindness (on both sides), overt sexuality and guns that it wouldn’t exist? I am willing to join Frost’s war on twitter.

So from what I can tell from Christopher Heady’s article is that Nebraska has proclaimed the following:


  1. Negativity about women
  2. Promoting racism
  3. Surrounding sexuality or sensuality, and
  4. Firearms

I would like to propose the following additions to this proclamation:

  1. Pictures of your dog more than once a day
  2. Any argument about LeBron vs. Jordan that is based on Finals Record or Rings
  3. Pictures of your cat more than once a month
  4. Recipes of Vegetarian Burgers
  5. Corny motivational quotes
  6. Anything about the St. Louis Cardinals
  7. Pictures of food
  8. Criticisms of the Ewoks
  9. Pro-Iowa Football
  10. Complimenting Duke Basketball or Coach K in general

Sports Stories That Are All N’

Huskers shuffle 2020 nonconference football schedule

Nebraska flipped two of its future home, nonconference football games to accommodate schedule changes for other programs, the school announced Wednesday.

Nebraska football: Former star Randy Gregory hints reinstatement might be near

Hopefully he has gotten the help he need

Stanley Morgan Jr. ranks as top-50 player in Sports Illustrated

Who was the last top-50 player we have had on the roster?

Sports Stories Outside of our Scarlet and Cream Bubble

The Night Joe Louis Saved the World

“If you want an idea of what a really political sporting event looked like, one that really did seem to carry the weight of the world, then consider a contest marking its 80th anniversary today: the heavyweight title fight between champion Joe Louis, 24, and challenger Max Schmeling of Germany, 32, in Yankee Stadium, on June 22, 1938. No sporting event has ever had more riding on the outcome, and no two athletes have ever been so freighted with symbolism.”

Argentina is winning the World Cup of sadness

Argentina desperately needed a win against Croatia on Thursday to solidify their chances of advancing in the World Cup, and that did not happen — it didn’t come close to happening. 90 minutes and three goals later Argentina were left shocked.

2018 NBA Draft: Biggest Winners and Losers

While I was hoping Cleveland was going to pull off a couple of trades and bring Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker to Cleveland, I was very happy with their pick of Collin Sexton. I watched him play for Alabama this past season and he was a winner. A baller. Sometimes all the analytics and measurements in the world can’t substitute for what you see right in front of you.

Jameis Winston to be Suspended for Allegedly Groping Uber Driver

This guy just keeps making Florida State and his parents proud.


Some Rivers Are So Drug-Polluted, Their Eels Get High on Cocaine

Critically endangered eels hyped up on cocaine could have trouble making a 3,700-mile trip to mate and reproduce—new research warns.

I know there are some readers....I’m looking at you...that are jealous of the Eels.

From the Unknown: An Cryptid Update Everybody Was Waiting For

I posted a story about a “bizarre wolf-like” animal a month or so ago in one of the Friday Flakes (can’t seem to find it now), and how it was puzzling wild life experts. Could it be the legendary chupacabra? It did not fit the profile of a wolf or a domestic dog. Could it be a wolf-like hybrid?

Well the DNA reports came back and the results are out of this world. It is a wolf.

Random Wikipedia Article: Facts You Never Knew You Needed

“The Gouden Leeuw (Dutch: Golden Lion) was a Dutch ship of the line armed with 80-82 cannons. The vessel was built for the Admiralty of Amsterdam in 1666 during the Second Anglo-Dutch War. The Gouden Leeuw was for a time the largest Dutch warship.”

Then there is this: Mike Riley Is a Head Coach...Again!

Have a good weekend fellow degenerates.