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Final Friday Night Lights Event Preview

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What’s the Hap’s This Weekend?

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Good evening Husker faithful! June 25 starts the dead period which lasts until July 24. This weekend is one of the last opportunities to showcase what the football program has to offer. The second Friday Night Lights event is shaping up, and this looks to have a bit more star power.

Notable Visitors

Jonathan Alexander, defensive back, Kilgore Community College - I fully expect him to commit during the weekend.

Jaden Davis, four star defensive back, St. Thomas Aquinas FL. Projects as cornerback for us. Very very high on the recruiting board.

Jamie Nance, wide receiver, Blanchard OK. He’s a 10.4 100m guy who is pulling a ton of offers lately. His recruitment is blowing up. He’s high on the Huskers because we were ahead of the pack in offering.

Mosai Newsom, defensive end, Waverly IA - Mosai has a good relationship with the staff. He isn’t committing until the fall, but I expect him to be N.

Rashee Rice, WR, Richland TX. Another speedster wide receiver.

Turner Corcoran (2020), four star offensive tackle, Lawrence KS. All O-line jokes aside, we really, really, want this guy. He’s got offers from like everyone. He’s #98 overall in the 247. This is his second unofficial visit, which makes me happy. I’m in lust.

Schedule of Events

The evening will be scheduled similar to last weekend. Campers will start out with a Performance Evaluation period, followed by individual position instruction. Then One on Ones, 7 on 7’s for skill players, and Pass Protection Competition for the front 7 types. There is also a BBQ event prior to the Friday Night Lights event for fans and players.

Feeling athletic? Come join the fun! GBR!