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HuskerOnline: Moos says Sirius and the Tunnel Walk Will Stay

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Nebraska A.D. Bill Moos puts the conspiracy theories away. Keep practicing your rhythmic clapping, Husker fans.

Jon Johnston

At April’s spring game, the Nebraska Cornhuskers entered the field to the sounds of Gary Clark’s remake of “Come Together” instead of the traditional “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project.

The thought was noble: some feel that Sirius had gotten tired, and the thought was to build on the feeling of unity that seems to surround Husker football again. One problem:

It just didn’t work.

Perhaps it was the choice of music; people didn’t quite know what to do except generally applaud. Perhaps it was discomfort with changing a tradition; some people just don’t like change.

Well, that experiment is over. HuskerOnline’s Tyler Krecklow reports that Nebraska AD Bill Moos said Wednesday that Sirius will be back.

Critics of Sirius point out that it’s tired (perhaps, but that’s a personal opinion) and unoriginal (the Chicago Bulls have used it for years for their pregame introductions). But it’s also become a tradition; this would be it’s 25th season. And traditions are really hard to change.

Is there a better song that the Huskers could come out to? I’m sure there is. But the problem is that your preference would not be mine. In the comments, I’m sure we’ll hear lots of ideas...with no consensus.

It doesn’t hurt to think of alternatives and to push the envelope... but way too often, what you’ve already got is better than the alternatives. I suspect this is one of those moments.