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Five Heart Podcast: Cross Examination of Husker Mike

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While Hoss is at CostCo, Hooch is on his own as Husker Mike joins the show for his turn on the Cross Examination.

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This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Hoss is stuck at CostCo.

I don’t think I’ve been to a Costco in about seven years.

Anyway, I’m joined by (Husker) Mike Jaixen, one of the founding father’s of Corn Nation. He’s also the first native Nebraskan during this summer series.

Learn about Mike growing up in Omaha and how he spent Husker game days as a child. Learn about Husker Mike’s favorite player(s) and hear his take on the last twenty years of coaches.

Fun fact - Husker Mike was in Miami for the ‘94 Orange Bowl. So we learn about that experience, his preconceived idea of Miami fans, and Hurricane fans’ thoughts on Husker fans that night.

We are both interrupted by our respective children. So it’s a family-friendly show.

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