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Five Heart Podcast Episode 73: Cross Examination of Evan Wiebe

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Hoss is absent (he took a weekend getaway), so it’s just Hooch to visit with Evan Wiebe.

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Ameer Abdullah

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. For all the dads who coach the little league sports, who help build the tree houses, help make the blanket forts, and do even the smallest act to enhance your children’s’re awesome.

I’d like to dedicate this show to you, but it’s not enough.

This week, Hoss is in Missouri on a weekend holiday (he forgot this is a weekly podcast). I’m joined by young Corn Nation contributor Evan Wiebe. Evan is a student at UNL (don’t blame him for the student section...I knew better than to even bring it up) who is working on completing two degrees in just three years of college. I’d tell you more, but the answers you seek are found within.

Evan is looking for an internship in the advertising, public relations or sports media field. If you know of anybody that needs an intern or an entry level guy contact Evan through his email or through twitter.

We do, however, need your help in solving this debate.


What’s the best frozen pizza on the market?

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