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Friday Frosted Flakes: Scott Frost Hikes the Grand Canyon Because Of Course He Did

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Frost hikes the Grand Canyon while Saban yells at High School Coaches

Jon Johnston

The aura that is the “Scott Frost” persona is so blinding at this time that you wouldn’t think he could do much more before his first game of the season. Then he goes ahead and one-ups himself.

How does he do that? A 13 hour hike through the Grand Canyon. The hike covered 10 miles down to the Colorado River and 10 miles back up with an elevation gain of over 5,000 feet and ESPN’s Marty Smith just happen to hike it with him.

It was a really interesting story done by Marty Smith, but a couple questions and answers stuck out to me.

Marty Smith: “Why was it important for you to (hike the Grand Canyon)?”

Coach Frost: “Well anytime you’re a leader, you have to let your people see that you’re willing to do some of the things they’re doing, and work as hard as they’re working. A leaders should probably not ask his team to do something he’s not willing to do.”

That answer is among many by Frost which shows why his players love to play for him. While you are going through summer conditioning, he isn’t sitting at his desk. He’s pushing himself to be uncomfortable as well. What he is asking of you, he his doing himself.


Marty Smith: “Why are these types of experiences important to you as a football coach?”

Coach Frost: “Man we get so busy with football and I think it is really easy in the world today, especially in our job to focus on what is right in front of you, you tend to forget how many great things are out there and being here in the Grand Canyon with some good friends and some people I respect and some people I enjoy being around makes for a special adventure.”

Coach Frost dolling out life advice. There are so many great things out there right where you are. You don’t always have to drive 16 hours to the Grand Canyon to find them. It could be anywhere.

Sports That are All N’

Nebraska’s options at center come into focus, but Huskers still considering ‘any possibility’

Greg Austin fielded all sorts of questions from fans during his Husker Nation Tour trip through southeast Nebraska on Tuesday. About the defense. The United Coucil. Former UCF star Shaquem Griffin.

Husker Nation Tour: Walter tells crowd what separates Frost from other coaches; Recruiting work not slowing down, Dewitt says

Nebraska offensive coordinator Troy Walters didn’t get any questions about fullbacks in York.

In fact, one Husker fan conceded to the fact that the fullback does not exist in Scott Frost’s spread offense.

OK, so no fullback. But can the Huskers get nasty in the trenches again?

Three Huskers recognized for all-region

The Nebraska baseball team produced three ABCA/Rawlings All-Midwest Region selections when the honorees for all eight regions were announced on Wednesday. Scott Schreiber and Jesse Wilkening each earned first-team accolades, while Jake Hohensee took second-team honors.

No surprises from Martinez

Quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco doesn’t hesitate for a second when asked if anything about freshman signal caller Adrian Martinez has surprised him.

Sports Stories Outside of Our Bubble

Christian Hackenberg washes out on his second NFL team

Former Penn State quarterback is having trouble finding a team in the NFL as he is released three weeks after the Raiders traded for him for “pocket change.”

Life comes at you fast sometimes.

Charles Barkley won’t let LeBron James ‘hijack’ life, thinks he’s not coming to Sixers

I’m the biggest Lebron James fan there is, but I agree. I have check out of all the LeBron to (insert team) news stories. Nobody has a clue. Wake me up when he picks a team.


Huskers help fill Nebraska’s growing ag education needs

Albion native Toni Rasmussen is among Husker graduates helping fill the burgeoning need for agricultural education teachers across Nebraska.


Behold this 7-foot tall 12-year-old completely demolishing his opponents on an 8-foot rim

I can’t but feel sorry for everybody involved in this game including the 6’10” 12 year old.