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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Sioux County Day 80

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Let’s take a trip to Sioux County on Day 80!

Welcome to Sioux County, Nebraska! The largest town and county seat is Harrison, Nebraska. Harrison was originally named Bowen and was changed in 1887 after the president Benjamin Harrison.

Sioux County has plenty of places that are listed in the Nebraska Historical Places:

Other Husker 80 Things:

  • Kenny Bell (leading all time pass catcher, All-Big Ten KR 2013, second-team all Big Ten 2014)
  • Jamie Williams (1981 all-conference TE)
  • Langston Coleman (DT 1966)
  • Jim McFarland (All-Big 8 TE 1969).
  • Current Husker wearing 80 is...nobody...
  • The 1980 Husker football team went 10-2 under Tom Osborne with a loss to #16 ranked Florida State 14-18 and #9 ranked Oklahoma 17-21. They went on to crush #17 ranked Mississippi State in the Sun bowl 31-17.