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Friday Night Lights Happening in Memorial Stadium This Weekend

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Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Jim Carrey Yes Man

One of the more successful methods of improving the visibility of the Husker Brand under the previous regime was the incorporation of short camp/visits named “Friday Night Lights”. Frost and Friends have wisely decided to continue this program. It utilizes one of Nebraska’s greatest strengths, its rabid fanbase, to sell the University to prospective recruits. This weekend is the first Friday Night Lights event, with another next weekend as well.

Fan information for Friday Night Lights


  • Gates to the stadium will open at 5 p.m., and fans may enter the Stadium through Gates 3 (SW corner) and 11 (NW corner).
  • Fans should note that access to Stadium Drive along the West side of Memorial Stadium will be limited due to construction, but fans will be able to access gates 3 and 11.
  • All seating for the Friday Night Lights camps will be in the lower bowl of West Stadium, and the West Stadium concourse will not be available.
  • Restrooms will be available at field level in the northwest and southwest corners, as well as South Stadium. Fans in need of ADA restrooms should see an event staff member to access restrooms in the northeast corner.
  • Fans attending Friday Night Lights camps may park in the West Stadium parking garage, and the Champions Club parking lot. Those lots will be cashiered.
  • Concession stands will not be open, but fans may bring their own water and snacks into the event.

So What’s There to See?

The participants will go through a performance evaluation, followed by a period of individual position instruction. After that, there will be one-on-ones and pass protection competitions for the linemen, along with 7-on-7 for the skill positions. The players get to spend time with the various members of the coaching staff as well, ending with a discussion by Coach Frost.

So Who’s Coming?

Remember last year, when like 20 five star prospects came and dunked all over a bunch of local walk-ons? Yeah, that’s not happening this year. Scott Frost et al have stated in multiple interviews they do not believe in feeding egos, but in finding and developing talented players with legitimate interest in the Husker Football Program. And, did Bookie or Micah Parsons ever have any real interest in coming here? These weekends previously generated buzz but no real results. To my knowledge there is a small group of 3 and 4 star players from Las Vegas making the trip. This weekend is primarily for in-state and local prospects to display their talent and interest for the coaching staff.

So Will This Matter Then?

Yes, absolutely. This is the way to start establishing a solid foundation in the much-vaunted 500 mile radius. If the staff can get those St. Louis kids here to see what Nebraska has to offer, it’s the first step to getting a toehold in the talent hotbed of Missouri. This is also a great chance for the fans to see how the coaching staff interacts with players.

Are You Raising a Corn-Quaffing Football Prodigy That Bleeds Husker Red?

Get him there!

Are YOU Coming?

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