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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 82

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Let’s take a trip to Keya Paha County!

Cowabunga County...No wait. Keya Paha County, Nebraska, sounds like it should be near a large body of water. Unfortunately, Nebraska is the farthest that you can be in the entire union from such a thing.

Originally named after the Dakota Indian word Keya Paha, “turtle hill”, the county’s largest town and also active county seat is Springview, Nebraska. The Keya Paha River used to be the dividing line between South Dakota and Nebraska up until 1882 when the boundary was switched to be the 43 parallel allowing Nebraska to annex the Keya Paha River.

In 1889 there was a great fear of the Indians, whose land was just across the Keya Paha River. Even after the Battle of Wounded Knee, settlers thought that remnants of the Sioux tribe would surely attack the town. The women and children were moved into the courthouse, which had been ingeniously turned into a fort, using barrels of salt. Two men finally went to the Rosebud Agency, where they learned that the rumors were baseless. Some folks left the area anyway, but most were imbued with new courage...Continue Reading

Keya Paha County has three sites under the Nebraska Historical Sites registry:

Spans across the mighty Niobrara River.

Was a school from 1916 to 1965 and is now the Keya Paha County Historical Museum.

Bridge that spans over the Keya Paha River.

Keya Paha has a ghost town that you can explore as your own risk, Brocksburg, Nebraska. It is found on Highway 137 next to future ghost towns of Monowi (pop 1) and Gross (pop 2). Nature has taken over many of the streets and buildings once occupied.

Other Husker 82 Things:

  • Dennis Richnafsky (hon mention All-America SE 1967, All-Big 8 SE 1967)
  • Steve Manstedt (all-Big 8 DE 1973)
  • T.J. O’Leary (long snapper 2008)
  • Current Husker wearing 82 is redshirt freshman TE Kurt Rafdal from Carmel, Indiana.
  • The 1982 Cornhuskers went 12-1 under Tom Osborne with the only loss of the season coming in an away game against #8 ranked Penn State 24-27. Penn State went on to win a consensus national championship that year while Nebraska finished #3 in the polls.