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Nebraska County Countdown to Kickoff: Day 84

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Let’s take a trip to Wheeler County!

Welcome to Wheeler County, Nebraska! It is originally named after Major Daniel H. Wheeler, a long time secretary of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture. Wheeler County has a population of around 770 people with the largest population and county seat being the town of Bartlett, Nebraska.

Do people call someone from Wheeler County Wheelies? They really should.

In 1895 an unsuccessful attempt was made to operate a ditch to irrigate land between Ericson and Spalding, but it was abandoned after the diversion dam just west of town washed out. However, in 1916, a concrete dam was built on the river about two miles east of Ericson. In the construction of the ditch in 1895 a dam was thrown across Clear Creek and a lake formed. This was called Pibel Lake...Continue reading

Wheeler County has two Nebraska Historical Sites: A.T. Ranch Headquarters and the Former Wheeler County Courthouse.

Due to its centralized location in the vast holdings of the Allerton-Thompson Land and Livestock Company, or A.T. Ranch, the house, which was the focal point, of ranch operations, became commonly known as the “Headquarters.” The A.T. Ranch had been established by Chicago millionaire Samuel W. Allerton and his nephews, Nels and A.C. Thompson, Although newspaper accounts and other historical sources are not available from the time of its construction, secondary sources maintain that the house was built by the Thompsons, who resided there and oversaw the operations until the land was sold in 1916-1917,...Continue reading

Located in the Sand Hills, Wheeler County was not established until 1881 when that area became known as a good place for cattle raising. Cedar City was named temporary county seat, but controversy immediately developed regarding the location of the county seat. When Garfield County was formed out of Wheeler’s western portion in 1884, Cedar City no longer enjoyed a central location in Wheeler County, putting its status in further jeopardy. Between 1881 and 1886, five elections were held on the question, but no place received a sufficient number of votes to allow removal from Cedar City. Settlement was apparently rather well spread across the country, so no area easily prevailed...Continue Reading


Other Husker 84 Stuff:

  • Tony Jeter (All America and All-Big 8 SE 1965)
  • Donta Jones (honorable mention All-America and All-Big 8 DE 1994)
  • Willie Griffin (All-Big 8 DT 1988)
  • Mike Rucker (second team All-Big 12 DE 1998, honorable mention All-Big 12 DE 1997)
  • Current Husker wearing 84 is Sophomore Tight End David Englehaupt from Norfolk, Nebraska.
  • The 1984 Nebraska Cornhuskers went 10-2 under Tom Osborne. They were the #1 ranked team in the nation going to play away against a bad unranked Syracuse team that ended up going 6-5 that year and lost 9-17. They also lost to Oklahoma by a similar score 7-17 but put a whipping on #5 ranked LSU in the Sugar Bowl 28-10 to end the season.