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Friday Frosted Flakes: Preference for Night Games and Ranking Lebron’s Teammates. Also tell us your favorite things about your county.

I prefer night games. You?

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The powers that be released the times and channels of six Nebraska football games for this upcoming season.

Nebraska starts off the season against Akron (the home of Lebron James) at 7 p.m. That was not surprising. The channel it will be on is what surprises me. They aren’t burying it on FS1 or the Big Ten Network. They are putting that game on Fox. My parents are going to be able to watch a Nebraska football game at their house!

There was a little bit of a discussion among the Corn Nation contributors about preferred times for kickoff. I was surprised about how many really do not enjoy night games. I have always assumed everybody loves night games.

I was wrong.

Some preferred 11 a.m. games, while other just flat out wished there were no night games.

For me, I prefer night games merely because it gives you the entire day to get hyped for the game or to go do other things with friends and family or just run some errands before ending the day with Husker football. I really enjoy ending a Saturday with Nebraska football.

My second preference is 11 a.m. games. No need to wait around. Lets just get this thing going.

My least favorite would be 2:30 p.m. games. Right in the middle of the day.

But in the end I’m just glad there are Nebraska football games.

What say you?

What’s your favorite thing about your county in Nebraska?

In case you haven’t noticed we have started a countdown to the first Nebraska football game. While counting down to Scott Frost’s first game our fearless leader thought it would be appropriate to highlight a Nebraska county each day.

We have received some messages from readers telling us interesting facts about their own county. Keep them coming!

As a staff we will be writing articles about counties that we probably have never even heard of until this countdown so we need your help.

So please send us any interesting information or tidbits about your county if one of the following applies to you:

  1. You were born there
  2. You grew up there
  3. You live there
  4. You worked there
  5. You drove through there
  6. You flew over it
  7. You drank a beer there
  8. You met your future bride/groom there
  9. You have an interest in that county, or
  10. You have no interest at all.

Now we can’t guarantee that we will use everything that is sent to us, but we will do our best.

Tweet at us @cornnation or email us at

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