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Frosted Flakes: Nebraska Has Second Toughest Football Schedule In 2018

Nebraska faces an uphill climb

Jon Johnston

Nebraska has the second toughest college football schedule in 2018, according to Phil Steele’s spring guide. First is Florida State, whose 2018 opponents won 63.4% of their games in 2017. Second is Nebraska at 62.8% and then Michigan at 62.7%.

Measuring strength of schedule by using 2017 wins and losses? Looks like kind of a lousy way to do that, but that’s how the NCAA does it, and Phil Steele uses it, so it must be all right.

Note that Steele lists Nebraska with seven returning starters on offense and eight returning on defense. I would throw that away. We have no idea how many of the guys from last year are going to win back their starting roles, but.. Steele has to list something. The more he lists, the more chances he has to be correct about it, and then he can tell you even more times how great he is at predicting the future.

I don’t mean to be too hard on Phil. He does a better job than everyone else at tracking the entire college football landscape... it’s just that he could cut down on the self-promotion and shorten his magazine by quite a few pages. Or he could just keep the magazine the same size and make the type/font bigger because I’ve gotten older and it is way more difficult to read these days.

I did not find a lot of relevant news going on... unless we need to get into science and technology and maybe... well, yes, I will later.


Shatel: Forget Black Friday, how about moving Nebraska vs. Iowa to the season opener | Baseball |

The fact that there’s a gap in the Black Friday tradition is Nebraska’s fault. The culprit has been jettisoned. Meanwhile, those two seasons give us an opportunity to have some fun, turn up the juice.

I usually like Shatel’s stuff... but this is a reach. This is what we have to do during an offseason when you need people to buy newspaper subscriptions and there is no real news going on.

Photos: Lincoln Riley's office will make you drool with envy - FootballScoop

While we don’t have a clean look at it yet, we can say that Lincoln Riley’s office inside the sparkling new Switzer Center is jaw-dropping in its extravagance. With seating for close to 20 people, dueling big screens, a center-hung chandelier and a fireplace, Riley’s office is essentially in miniature mansion.

This is toooooo busy. There is too much stuff in this office. I realize you want to show off stuff to people who are coming to visit, but... if you’re trying to think, it’s just all a distraction of stuff.

Wisconsin football: Bucky Alvarez statue unveiled outside Camp Randall - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Eighty-five variations of Bucky Badger statues were unveiled Monday morning throughout Madison as part of the Bucky on Parade art event that is running through Sept. 12.

#20 Gopher Baseball moves to Big Ten first place, sweeping #15 Indiana - The Daily Gopher

A first place tie with Michigan for Gopher baseball after sweeping Indiana

Gopher baseball continues to win Big Ten player of the week awards - The Daily Gopher
Terrin Vavra and Patrick Fredrickson win Big Ten weekly awards again

Stats: Who Has The Hardest Big Ten Schedule Next Year? - BT Powerhouse
Who does Jim Delany hate the most?

Former ’Canes RB Mike James Becomes First Active NFLer to Seek A Medical Exemption for Marijuana - State of The U

How a former team MVP hopes to change the NFL from within in regards to the league’s stance on cannabis consumption.

I know you are interested... but in a recent appointment with a neurologist, I was informed that there aren’t very many studies that have been done relative to headache pain. Patients have stated to the doctor that they felt relief from their headaches, but only when they were smoking and the relief was not long-lasting. I was diagnosed with a chronic headache, meaning that it is there all of the time. I need something that will help with this all of the time. So... no medical marijuana for me.

Then There’s This

This is unbelievably creepy. Like it’s alive.

And Then This

My friend Rik does a ride for cancer and raises money. I think he rides a bicycle for 24 hours straight or something like that. It sounds crazy to me... hahahaa!

Consider donating.

If you or someone you know have suffered through a battle with cancer, I’d love to add the name(s) to the list of folks “I ride for” and proudly display them on my personal fundraising web page and on a bib at one of the events. For every $25 donated, I’ll add a name, and your tax-deductible gift will make a real difference in the cancer community.