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Frosted Flakes: It’s Finally Spring

I fought my lawn and I think my lawn won

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Severe Drought In California Creates Pressure On Water Supply Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It has taken awhile for spring to finally take hold here on the Great Plains. Grass is finally green, trees are budding, and the farmers are planting in the fields. It has been a long a somewhat hard winter this season. While it did come late it came hard and between the snow and freezing cold temperatures many had been pining for this seasonal change.

As I have mentioned before, I like the cold and snow. For some reason it makes me fell alive and refreshed when I get that cold air on my skin when I leave my house. However, I do enjoy the changing of the seasons. While winter is nice, it is good to have a change after awhile and luckily spring around here is a nice transition to summer.

With the coming of spring I spent most of my weekend outside working in the yard and prepping my garden for planting here in a week or so. It usually doesn’t take too long but this year have have decided to tackle a problem that has been encroaching my lawn, bromegrass.

I have a pasture that surrounds 34 of my house so it was bound to happen sooner or later. However, some of it has totally bypassed my lawn and decided to cozy up to my house. Not an ideal situation if you want to keep your property clean and in order.

Broam not a native species here in the Americas and can spread like wildfire. It comes from the ground up and there are only a few ways to get rid of it. Either kill it with spray that will also kill your grass, till it up, or tear it out. I have decided to go with the latter where it has sprung up around my house.

So, when I wasn’t mowing, cleaning out my garden shed, and corralling my kid I was pulling up the invasive grass from my lawn. While it wasn’t exactly fun, I can say that it was somewhat therapeutic.

I’m sure you wanted to know all about this as you wake up this morning but I spent most of my weekend outside and not inside prepping Flakes. Also, I got my first sunburn on my shoulders and arms. My wife just loves my cutoff t-shirts with old band logos on the front.

Anyway, on to Flakes...


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