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Five Heart Podcast Episode 68: Ben Miles, Baseball, and Bear Wrestling

Waiting for more football, Hoss and Hooch talk about a departure and commitment in the backfield, baseball, softball, and wrestling bears.

Photo by Allyssa Hynes/Nebraska Communications -

Husker fans this week were on the receiving end of some sad, but expected news, as fullback Ben Miles announced he was leaving the program and seeking to continue his educational and football career elsewhere.

I say “expected” because the offensive system Scott Frost is implementing doesn’t really call for a fullback. So Hoss tells us some places that Miles could wind up that utilize the fullback in the way he is accustomed.

We quickly touch on Husker baseball (WHERE ARE YOU, KEITH?) and Husker softball. And then for fun, which NFL players would be able to successfully wrestle a bear?

It’s the dead zone of Husker football. So we’re going to mix it up some in the next few months and put some of our fellow Corn Nation folks on the show to learn more about them. And we’ll sprinkle in some football movie fun as well.

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