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Friday Frosted Flakes: Media May Have Questions for Bill Moos after WSU Audit

Thankfully he already hired Scott Frost.

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

I’m not saying that Bill Moos might be in some trouble, but he will probably be answering some questions from the media after a new audit finds extensive mismanagement in Washington State athletics.

A new internal audit has found extensive mismanagement within the Washington State University Athletics department, including the possible inflation of home football attendance and the improper distribution of free tickets to football games.


The audit also found problems with contract management, ethics training, attendance data, benefits for athletics employees and cash handling in the ticket office.

From what I can tell, Bill Moos’s management style is to hire the right people and then let them do their jobs. So this audit coming out might shine a light on some of the people he hired or it could shine a light directly on Nebraska’s new athletic director.

This all remains to be seen. But we know he is going to get inquiries from our local press about that audit. I’ll be interested in seeing what happens.

But we all know that if Scott Frost and his staff end up doing what we think they could end up doing with this football program, then pretty much Bill Moos is going to get a five star rating on any google or yelp reviews.

Jeff Nusser of Cougcenter wrote this.

What if Bill Moos actually was a bad athletic director at WSU?

Bill Moos will always be the guy who got the football operations building built and hired Mike Leach as coach of the Washington State Cougars, and for that, there will certainly be some fans who will find his legacy unimpeachable.

But as time passes, the shine is coming off for some — including myself.


Armon Gates and the circuitous journey of college assistant coaches

Rumor is that Gates might be Nebraska’s new assistant coach.

How Scott Frost is Transforming Nebraska

Somewhere between despair and revival exists a period of understanding. At Nebraska, not five months into the Scott Frost coaching regime, the Cornhuskers inched closer this spring to the all-important threshold at which recognition of the task at hand has arrived.

Huskers Announced 2018 Volleyball Schedule

The defending national champion Nebraska volleyball team will play 19 regular-season home matches and will open the 2018 season at home against Florida in a rematch of the 2017 NCAA Championship match. The Huskers will play all 10 non-conference matches in the state of Nebraska, and the 19 regular-season home matches are NU’s most since volleyball became an NCAA-sanctioned sport in 1981.

Nebraska: Mario Verduzco’s recruiting pitch, 12 other facts about Huskers QB coach

Erin Sorensen of Land of 10 Interviews Nebraska’s new quarterback coach.


Ranking the Big Ten’s Quarterbacks for 2018

Steve Lassan of Athlon Sports ranks the quarterbacks in the Big Ten for 2018. It’s actually kind of ridiculous since over half of them are still battling it with teammates for the starting position.

But I get it. It is the off-season.

The Cavs’ game plan includes $100 fines for players who commit a specific defensive mistake and it paid off in Game 1

Tristan Thompson said his motivation to not get fined is to put his kids through college.

NBA Playoffs: LeBron James Puts Toronto on the Brink of Another Playoff Meltdown

Any team losing at the hands of LeBron James in the playoffs can never truly be characterized as a surprise, but it’s also never less impressive to observe. Platitudes don’t really add much to dominance after, you know, the last decade or so of NBA basketball, but James’s dialed-in, scalding second-half performance Thursday night was something else. The Cavs’ 128–110 win over the Raptors extended their series lead to 2–0 after two road games. We’ve seen this one before.

Purse snatcher makes big mistake trying to outrun ex-college football player turned cop

Kip Daily spent his college football career chasing wide receivers down the field as a defensive back for Kansas State.

That experience proved to be useful on his first day out in the field as a police officer for the Carrolton (Texas) Police Department. According to KDFW Fox 4 in Dallas, Daily tracked down a would-be purse-snatcher in Carrolton earlier this week.


CRISPR: The gene-editing tool revolutionizing biomedical research

(This is a big deal)

A new tool could be the key to treating genetic diseases and may be the most consequential discovery in biomedicine this century

“There are about 6,000 or more diseases that are caused by faulty genes. The hope is that we will be able to address most if not all of them.”

If you or some people you love are susceptible to certain genetic diseases like ALS, Alzheimers or any other of the thousands of genetic diseases this story should give you some hope. The solution is not available yet, but it sure looks like it will be in the future.

Ancient Lost City of King David is Uncovered Near Jerusalem

Archaeologists are divided over whether or not Biblical figures such as King David and King Solomon ever existed.

Professor Avraham Faust, co-head of the archaeological dig, said the latest find backs the case for the historical accuracy of the Bible.

Does Thanos Have a Point?


With that said, no Thanos does not have a point.


If that doesn’t explain Iowa then nothing else will.


“What’s the bravest thing you ever did?” He spat in the road a bloody phlegm. “Getting up this morning,” he said. - The Road