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2018 Nebraska Football Countdown: 94

“He’s got the touchdown! It’s a touchdown for Cory Schlesinger!!”

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Husker fans in 1994 were excited but also wary. They had come so close to winning the big one under Tom Osborne, but never could quite break through. The team was undefeated and playing #3 Miami in the Orange Bowl.

Tommie Frazier had just converted a critical third down on an option in the red zone with the clock just over three minutes left in the game. Nebraska was at Miami’s 14 yard line. Husker fans continue to talk about what happened next.

“Schlesinger and Phillips in the I. The snap to Tommie and the give on the trap play. And Schlesinger inside the five. In there for the touchdown! He’s got the touchdown! It’s a touchdown for Cory Schlesinger!!”

On Miami’s ensuing drive, the Blackshirts sacked Frank Costa twice and then intercepted him on fourth down to seal the national championship.

The 1994 team was not yet the death machine that football fans remember ‘95 Nebraska for, but they got to hoist some pretty sweet hardware.

  • Current Husker wearing 94: Khalil Davis
  • Who wore it best? There may be some recency bias on my part here, but “The Great Wall of Cozad” Jared Crick was pretty effective in the trenches.

As always, if you have additional trivia or memories related to the #94, put them in the comments.