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Frosted Flakes: Time Heals All Wounds

The ranchhands are dropping like flies. Frank Solich’s accomplishments look better over time, and a storm chaser’s obituary.

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Coach Frank Solich talks to his team

It has been an eventful summer here on the ranch. With three sons, one would think I would have all kinds of help. Y’all knew about Son 3 breaking an arm.

Now, Son 2 has joined the injured reserve.

It was his first baseball game of the season. He entered the game in the fourth inning and drew a walk in his first at-bat. While there, a wild throw to try and pick him off at first base ended with a cleat injury to his right hand. He was safe and advanced to second, but he required a bit of medical attention when he returned to the dugout and headed out to play second base.

A routine ground ball rolled his way. He dropped his glove and...the ball took an unforeseen hop and smacked him right in the mouth.

Son 2 has braces.

He recovered quickly but had no play by that point. He handed the ball to his pitcher, took a couple of steps, and then the blood started. The other infielders called the coach out of the dugout.

Son’s two front teeth were pushed backwards at an unnatural angle and the braces had cut completely through the top lip.

We called the family dentist who made a late-night trip to the office and put everything back in place as best he could. Son 2 has to avoid any situation that could result in even an accidental hit to the mouth for 6-8 weeks or risk losing the teeth.

Son 3 participated in one practice before he broke his arm. He didn’t even get to play in a game. Son 2 at least made it 1 12 innings before his baseball season ended.

This all means that Son 1 is our only unbroken child and gets any and all assignments involving the physical activities his brothers can’t do. I’m sure he will be more than ready to leave for college this fall.

Anyone have a lead on good deals for bubble wrap?

Frosted Flakes

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