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2018 Nebraska Football Countdown: 95

Can we just stay on this number for a while?

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The number 95 is a good one for Nebraska football fans.

The 1995 football team won a national championship and is in most conversations about “greatest college football team of all time”.

The statistics for that team were mind-boggling. For the season, the 1995 Cornhuskers:

  • averaged 7.0 yards per rushing attempt while holding opponents to 2.5 yards per rushing attempt
  • did not allow their quarterback to be sacked EVEN ONCE while taking down opposing quarterbacks 32 times
  • averaged 54.2 points per game while allowing 13.6 points per game by opponents
  • punted only 29 times the entire season with 5 of those being returnable (for a grand total of 12 yards)

I could go on, but check out the link to the Huskermax archives if you want more.

Husker trivia related to the number 95:

  • Current Husker wearing 95: Ben Stille
  • Who wore it best? Danny Noonan was an All-American defensive end (1986). As always, if I miss anyone of note who wore this number, put it in the comments. It is harder than I thought to track down Huskers who wore particular numbers and compare them.

Here is a 95 yard play that came up with a little searching. Enjoy.

The 1895 Bugeaters posted a 6-3 record and were coached by Charles Thomas.

As always - if you have additional “95” memories or trivia, add them in the comments!