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2018 Nebraska Football Countdown: 98

Grant Wistrom, Bugeaters, and more Husker football trivia related to 98

Grant Wistrom

98 days until kickoff of the 2018 football season!

Current Husker to wear 98: Isaac Armstrong (punter)

Who wore it best? Grant Wistrom, defensive end 1994-97

Also see: The Big Red Cobcast interviewed Grant Wistrom

The 1998 Nebraska football team posted a 9-4 record and were led by first-year head coach Frank Solich.

The 1898 Nebraska football team (the Bugeaters) achieved an 8-3 record under coach Fielding H. Yost

P.S. I updated yesterday’s countdown article (#99) to add Neil Smith who wore 99 from 1984-87 at Nebraska