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101 Days to Nebraska Football

The number 101 is a significant one in Husker football history.

Gallery Photo: Huskers Unveil Statue Honoring Bob Devaney

It is 101 days until the Cornhuskers kick off the 2018 season under new coach Scott Frost and staff. I could be off a day or so, but now that I’ve published it, that’s what we’re going with.

Why celebrate 101 days? Because the number 101 is significant in Nebraska football history.

In 1962 Nebraska football changed forever. A young coach by the name of Bob Devaney started roaming the sidelines. By the time the Bobfather handed over the reins of the program in 1972 to a young offensive genius named Tom Osborne, his teams had compiled 101 wins compared to 20 losses and two ties.

Devaney closed out his Husker coaching career with four straight conference championships in the Big Eight (co-champions in 1969 and outright champs in 70-72). In the middle of that run were back-to-back national championships with the 1971 team still often included in conversations about “greatest college team ever”.

We’ll have more countdown tidbits for you as the summer rolls along, including (I believe) a county-by-county tour through our great state. So, start thinking about significant numbers in Nebraska football history and get ready to add your memories, trivia, and facts to the series.