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Bill Moos On Sports Nightly: Black Friday, Iowa as Rival

Moos talked. You should listen. Iowa is our rival.

Jon Johnston

Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos was on Sports Nightly this evening, and he talked about things that were important to Husker fans.

He talked about retaining Darin Erstad, especially a year after he’d won a Big Ten regular season title in baseball.

He talked about Nebraska being able to compete for championships. And about not renewing the contracts of men’s tennis coach Kerry McDermott and men’s golf coach Bill Spangler. And about changes in the performance staff as the director of the Nebraska Athletic Performance Laboratory Jack Ransone and Director Of Sports Nutrition Lindsey Remmbers were removed.

Good lord, there were a lot of commercials.

I listened to two callers.

One asked that the athletic department look into the fact that season ticket holders were able to “gobble up” all the tickets to the spring game. Moos said they were surprised the spring game sold out as quickly as it did and that the problem was already on their radar.

Another asked if there’d been a decision yet on whether “Sirius” would remain as the Tunnel Walk song. He was very concerned.

The biggest thing, though, that Moss mentioned is Black Friday games.

In 2020 and 2021, Nebraska will play on Black Friday, but against Minnesota. The 2020 game will be played in Minneapolis, while the 2021 game will be in Lincoln. After that, Nebraska will play IOWA on Black Friday for the rest of time.

“That will be scheduled long after I’m gone. And I mean, on the face of the earth.”

Moos pointed out that Nebraska needs a rival because joining the Big Ten left us with no rival.

I know there’s a bit of one now but that needs to be our rivalry where it’s easy enough for our fans to go to each place,” Moos said. “Once we came to the Big Ten we didn’t have a traditional rival so that’s going to be in the works.”


Nebraska’s rival.