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Frosted Flakes: It’s Ag Bill Time

It’s Monday so here are some links to start your week with

Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline To Run From Canada To Gulf Of Mexico Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Believe it or not, agriculture is a big deal around here. Without it the state of Nebraska’s economy would most likely look quite different, I may not be writing for this blog, and NU’s nickname might very well not be the Cornhuskers.

Maybe the Man Killing Mastodons would have stuck? We can only dream.

If you pay attention to the news at home you might have noticed that it’s time for the US government to introduce and hopefully pass a new farm bill. It is brought up every five years or so. the last one was passed in 2014 and is now up for renewal. It is the main tool that the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) goes off of and dictates what will happen to such programs regarding subsidies, insurance, & food program across the country.

Most of the state of Nebraska relies upon one thing or another either directly or indirectly from this piece of legislation. If you don’t think it affects you then think again. This is a large bill and it’s passage has major ramifications on both side of the aisle to whether things get in it or not.

Interested in what crops get what types of subsidies? Take a look inside the bill.

Want to know how crop insurance is dealt with? It’s all here.

Are you concerned about food programs one way or another? This deals with it.

I’m not going to sit here and get into the nuances of the bill and why certain things should or should not be in it. I just want you all to have a resource, that I will add at the end of this diatribe, that you can go to and get a better idea of what goes into it. You can decide for yourself what you do and don’t like about it. If you want my thoughts then go check me out on twitter.

2018 Farm Bill | Committee on Agriculture - Click and enjoy all week.

Anyway, on to flakes...


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Acoustic Assimilation

And finally, Moogfest 2018 is this weekend in Raleigh, NC. Not sure many on here have any clue what it is or why it is going on but I figured that I bring enough random music information to this page that you would not mind knowing about it. If you’re in the area, I suggest you check it out. Also, contact me if you have any Moog hardware you would like to sell.

It amazes me how I’m still allowed to write for this blog.