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Nebraska Volleyball Gains A Highly Rated Transfer From Texas - Lexi Sun

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Welcome to the Huskers, Lexi!

VolleyballBob David McGee

Nebraska volleyball picked up Lexi Sun, a 6-2 outside hitter who is transferring from the University of Texas. Sun is from Encinitas, California and was the top-ranked player in the nation according to out of high school.

Sun was a first-team unanimous All-Big 12 player as a freshman, and will be eligible to compete immediately.

Nebraska wins the transfer over Wisconsin and USC, as Sun had visited those schools before committing to Nebraska.

Here’s what John Cook had to say about Sun, per the Nebraska athletic department:

“Lexi really provides depth at the outside hitter position, where we’re a little thin,” Cook said. “What I like most about her is her commitment and desire to be a great player. She has big dreams and goals at Nebraska and beyond Nebraska. She’s somebody that we want to develop into a six-rotation outside hitter, and she knows that’s the key for her to play international volleyball someday. She’s a 6-2,physically gifted athlete with a tremendous work ethic. I really admire that when she plays, you can see her passion and enjoyment for playing the game of volleyball. She’s always smiling, and she loves what she’s doing.”

Sun’s quote about Nebraska:

“After visiting Nebraska for the first time, I found that overall the program is the best fit for me when taking into consideration what the entire program has to offer,” Sun said. “I cannot wait to be a part of the enthusiastic Husker volleyball family and am so excited to experience it with my new teammates very soon. I want to thank my family, whom I consider my number one support system. I am so thankful to have them by my side in this journey. We all can’t wait to be Huskers.”

Clearly, Sun wants to play for winners that continually pack their games with fans.

And you have to have some Scott Frost influence, because that’s how things go these days. Once again, from John Cook:

“My grandmother, who would’ve been about 95 years old at the time, when I would go to visit her in San Diego she would have these articles laid out on the table and would say ‘Are you recruiting this Lexi Sun girl? You need to. She needs to be a Husker,’” Cook said. “We tried to recruit Lexi, and we had some nice conversations, but she didn’t end up visiting. I’ve always had this funny feeling that at some point we might have another chance to recruit her to Nebraska, and when she came on a visit three weeks ago it was unbelievable. She got to meet Dr. Kathy Farrell, the dean of the business college, because Lexi wants to major in business. Then she met with our performance team and they did a great job. Then Scott Frost and Matt Davison showed up while we were at dinner with Lexi and her family and some of the Huskers, which was really cool. It fired up Lexi’s family and all the Huskers. Scott’s pumped she’s coming here. We’re all pumped she’s coming here.”


Leaving Texas! Spurning Wisconsin! And USC!

Welcome to the Cornhuskers, Lexi Sun!

(Okay, this is pretty corny.... )