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Nebraska Football Practice Report: April 3rd

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One-third of the way through spring football.

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Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Coach Frost and Strength and Conditioning Coach Zach Duval stepped outside the stadium early in the morning on April 3rd. Coach Frost took took a deep breath. His lungs were filled with cold frozen air.

“This is great Nebraska football weather,” he said as he turned to Duval. “This is Nebraska football. Maybe we should practice outside?”

Then they both turned and looked at the gigantic indoor practice facility known as the Hawks Championship Center.

Coach Frost laughed as he started walking back into the stadium, “The players aren’t ready for this yet.”

“But they will be.”

“Yes, they will.”

In all seriousness, this part of the state is in a winter weather advisory until tonight at 7 p.m. This is the beginning of April, not the beginning of February. Somebody needs to give mother nature a call and let her know that we are not impressed.

To begin the day, Erin Sorensen of Land of 10 put together some nice video clips of the portion of practice that was open to video and photography.

Here is another video compilation from this morning’s practice. This time from Megan McGill of the Omaha World-Herald.

The head coach met with the media today.

First, Coach Frost said that this morning was the best practice of the spring thus far. I hope that is expected, but when the head coach comes out and says it he wants to make a point.

Play fast. Play fast. Play fast. Play fast. This is a theme I expect to hear as long as this coaching staff is at Nebraska.

In regards to the QBs, which everybody is interested in seeing play out, Coach Frost isn’t showing his cards and is giving everybody a fair shot. I keep hearing good things about Andrew Bunch. Now whether this is just the annual spring time favorite player will soon shake out. Just weird to think that a walk-on is going to beat out three 4-star scholarship QBs. That’s Nebraska football right? THE WALK ON PROGRAM!

Well the entire team isn’t healthy. Coach Duval is obviously not doing his job.

Below are two examples of how things will be different under the new leadership. For those who didn’t see last year when UCF played one of the military academies, Frost was the scout team QB because he was the best option to give his defense a look at an option QB.

Division 1 college football coaches need consultants to teach tackling? Wouldn’t that be like a basketball coach trying to teach a player how to shoot the basketball? I understand there are experts that come in and help a player, but it all sounds ridiculous. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m probably wrong. Whatever. Okay.

Here is a link to audio of Scott Frost’s session after practice today. Below are some of the things that stuck out to me.

  • Coach Frost loves Will Honas, but Honas needs to work on being louder. He’s going to be leading the defense and he’s going to have to tell guys where to go and what to do. But thankfully Frost said, “but he’ll hit you.”
  • Coach Frost: “I think these guys are working harder than they have in the past.” Another thing you keep hearing about. Was football practice easy with the last coaching staff? Man alive.
  • Coach Frost: “I feel like we have a few guys in the DB room who like to hit. Hopefully they bring everybody else along with them.” He mentioned specifically Deontai Williams and Marquel Dismuke. In regards to Dismuke, Coach Frost said that they actually have to hold him back a little bit.
  • I mentioned above about the tackling consultant, but when you hear the actual audio you can tell Frost probably thinks the idea of bringing in a tackling consultant is ridiculous. Thank you.
  • Frost mentioned JUCO Mike Williams by name today. Impressed to see how much he improves. Also mentioned that most of the JUCOs and early enrollees have done a good job of becoming a part of the team. It is also easier for this incoming group because everybody, including the players already on the team, are starting from square one.
  • Several times during the spring Coach Frost reiterated the fact that he doesn’t want the kids to be afraid to make mistakes. Just to play fast and we will address the mistakes afterwards. This is true for all sports, if a player is afraid of messing up he/she is going to move and act slower.
  • I couldn’t hear the question, but it sounds like Nebraska will have live reps on Tuesday and Wednesdays (taking players to the ground) during the season which is a change up from the past regime. This is probably different than most teams throughout the country. Coach Frost said he thought it made a huge difference at UCF last year.