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Frosted Flakes: ‘Nova Smashes Michigan, Nebraska Football Spring Stuff

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March Madness has ended. Spring Nebraska football stories are pretty fluffy. It’s snowing.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Championship Game-Michigan vs Villanova Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Nice video by the athletic department. Doesn’t really say anything, other than the gooey, feel-good stuff that comes with spring football- “Everyone is working hard, we’re going to play with energy”, but it’s a really nice video.

This year’s touch by Frost is that they’re not yelling or swearing at players, but allowing them to make mistakes. Only one hopes that in two years we’re not complaining that this is ‘being soft’ on the players, and we’re happy with the progress we’ve seen.

March Madness - ‘Nova Smashes Michigan

Villanova beat the snot out of Michigan, wow. At least the Wolverines came out strong and made it a game for a while, unlike Kansas, but in the end, ‘Nova just had too much. Michigan made a good run at it, though - hard to believe that Nebraska beat them by 20 at one point this past season.

It was good to see a conference team get into the final after all the crap we heard this season about the Big Ten being down. I am okay with the Wolverines losing... mostly because Mo Wagner drives me nuts. He is an excellent player, but the guy could take 23 steps with the ball then complain about the officials calling traveling.

Check out this first article... I didn’t realize it had been 18 years. Maybe Nebrasketball needs to get its crap together and win one! WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Michigan's NCAA championship loss should feel very familiar to Big Ten fans -
It's been 18 long years since the Big Ten won a national title, and not for a lack of opportunities

March Madness: Villanova pounds Michigan to win NCAA tournament |
From ultimate underdog to old-money blueblood, Villanova completed a generational transformation with a national title rout at Michigan's expense.

Michigan vs. Villanova 2018: Donte DiVincenzo takes over national championship game -
His final line: 31 points on 10-of-15 shooting (5-of-7 on three-pointers) in 37 minutes. He finished with five rebounds, three assists, and two blocked shots, too.

Villanova vs. Michigan national championship: How the Wildcats built a winner in 2018 -
The 2018 Wildcats were a perfect storm of so many things.

Villanova is college basketball’s ultimate powerhouse. There’s no debate. -
Five years after facing an uncertain future, Jay Wright’s program could be on the brink of a dynasty.

Villanova 79, Michigan 62 | mgoblog
Someone finally solved Michigan's defense.

It took Villanova's historically great offense and Donte DiVincenzo's all-timer of a game. After a slow start, the Wildcats overwhelmed Michigan, going 17-for-30 inside the arc, 10-for-27 from beyond it, and grabbing 12 offensive rebounds. When they missed shots, they followed them. When they pulled up for three, they struck the fear of God into your heart. They were so good they didn't even need double-digit points from Jalen Brunson, the national player of the year, to take home their second national title in three years.

A day in the life of Michigan fans getting their hopes up again - Maize n Brew
Of course it ended that way. Why wouldn’t it?

Michigan runs out of gas, gets downed by Villanova in title game - Maize n Brew
Michigan didn’t have enough offense in the tank and the Wildcats couldn’t miss. Game. Set. Match. Point Nova.

Apparently Donte Dinincenzo’s twitter was full of dumb stuff going back to when he was 13 years old. People (including media) were going through his twitter to find dirt and re-tweeting it, because that’s what passes for journalism in a lotta parts these days.

I have not been on twitter much for a couple weeks now. I’ve been able to ignore most of the bullshit that accompanies it. Want to be happier? Get the fuck off social media.

Nebraska Stuff

In the Spring Offense vs. Defense Battle, Everyone Wins | Hail Varsity

“Our defense is the hardest defense that we will play, schematically,” offensive line coach Greg Austin said. “I’m not talking about personnel-wise because I don’t know these guys as it relates to anybody else in our league, but it was the hardest defense we played at UCF. When we went out there on Saturdays, our guys were like, ‘Really? That’s all they do?’ Because we have to block everything here and in the heat of a practice, you can get the multiplicities of everything that they do. Coach Chinander’s an awesome coach, really smart, knows defense well so he gives us issues.”

I hope like hell that our coaches can live up to the stuff they say. I really do. We’ve spent the last few years complaining that the defense is too easy, too hard, too confusing, too whatever.

I hope like hell that Chinander is an awesome coach, too!

Dienhart: Way-too-early look at 2018-19 Big Ten standings « Big Ten Network
3. Nebraska. If Isaac Copeland Jr. and James Palmer Jr. return after testing the NBA draft waters, the Cornhuskers could earn that NCAA bid that eluded them in 2017-18 and enjoy an upper-division finish. But how will Tim Miles deal with big expectations? Glynn Watson is a nice veteran and Isaiah Roby is breakout star to monitor.

David Carr Believes Patriots Should Look At Drafting This QB In Later Rounds
“And I talked to four or five guys after the (NFL Scouting Combine). I said, ‘Tell me what you guys think?’ They’re like, ‘Tanner Lee is in our top five.’ And every one of those guys had Tanner Lee pegged as a guy … a developing guy for the Patriots.

Titans agree to terms with former Redskins LB Will Compton | Pro32: Head to Head
The Tennessee Titans have agreed to terms on a one-year deal with linebacker Will Compton, who spent the last five seasons with the Washington Redskins.

Erik Chinander Aims to Bring Defensive Efficiency Back to Nebraska Football
For Chinander to overhaul UCF’s defense, he would have to take a dejected group of players and completely change their mindset. Not only must they believe they can be winners, but effective defenders who would have reason to celebrate.


Tony Carr Announces Intention to Enter NBA Draft - Black Shoe Diaries
Carr will hire an agent, solidifying his spot in this year’s draft

Purdue’s special teams coach Tony Levine is opening a Chick-fil-A -
Not all heroes wear capes.

Then There’s This

Why health care journalists should report their sources’ conflicts of interest
The March 26 New York Times article was written by Gina Kolata and headlined, “For many strokes, there’s an effective treatment. Why aren’t some doctors offering it?” The Times asserts that close to 700,000 stroke patients a year “could be helped” by the clot-busting drug tPA. There is no ambiguity in the language, even though ten of twelve clinical trials not only found no benefit for tPA, but did reveal significant increases in brain bleeds, a side effect of tPA. The overall framing of the article suggests that emergency doctors are depriving patients of a drug that could avert disastrous outcomes, including death and paralysis.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Opens Up About Depression: "I Was Crying Constantly" | Hollywood Reporter
"Struggle and pain is real," the star of the upcoming Rampage said. "I was devastated and depressed. I reached a point where I didn't want to do a thing or go anywhere. I was crying constantly."

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