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Frosted Flakes: Gymnastics & Spring Game Fun

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So, who won the weekend?

Jon Johnston

The Husker spring game was held this weekend in case you were living under a rock. I like to inform everyone and I hope that those who live under rocks read our site. So, if you’re just hearing of this scrimmage then “you’re welcome”. You missed quite the show.

Tens of thousands of the Husker faithful made their way down to Lincoln to be apart of what we all believe is the next major step in Nebraska history. The glorious spring game that every one in the state of Nebraska wants to attend.

Why? Because this is the year! After a 20 year walk through the wilderness we are hopefully being lead back to the promise land with the college football elite. No more getting curb stomped by Ohio State. Wisconsin will finally have a losing record to us. Iowa will go hope slightly more unhappy than they already are because they are Iowa.

So many folks skipped weddings, birthdays, and soccer games to make this game. So many in fact we had the highest number of spectators in the nation for spring games. Because that matters, right?

The Red won over the White 49-9, but let’s be honest here. The real person who won was Scott Frost and his future marketability in this sport. He’s well spoken, good looking, and speaks his mind to a certain degree. Though, I doubt his mouth will get him into too much trouble like a few other coaches we know.

Adidas or whomever decide to market this guy will make bank. Not just in Nebraska but across the country. As long and he keeps dressing well and not look like a slob as many coaches do then his gravy train will be going long beyond his coaching days.

Because looks, personality, and intelligence are what we all want in a coach, right?

Anyway, on to flakes...


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Acoustic Assimilation

If you enjoy surfing or are familiar with Mavericks then you might enjoy this podcast by Outside Magazine. They interview Sarah Gerhardt who is one of the top female big wave surfers out there and her path to get be able to compete in a very male dominated surf spot.

This next podcast is for all of you Joe Rogan fans or anyone who wants to know more about the Academy Award winning doping movie Icarus. Joe sits down with director Bryan Fogel and they dig deeper into the world of international doping and what is to come of amateur athletics.

Finally, I leave you today with CAFO by Animals As Leaders. A nice number for those of you who appreciate technical-progressive-djent-metal...or whatever genre they call it.