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Scott Frost’s First Spring Game: Still Not Fast Enough

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Things are starting to look a little bit faster in Lincoln, NE

Jon Johnston

LINCOLN, NE – Everything is fast. We have been hearing it the entire spring practice period. The speed was certainly on display during Scott Frost’s first spring game. Even the officiating crew had a little trouble in the beginning keeping up with the pace.

With the new focus on speed there will obviously be mistakes. There were several offensive procedure penalties early in the game as well as multiple dropped snaps by the quarterbacks. So not all things went perfectly on Scott Frost’s debut as Nebraska head coach in Lincoln.

Things are changing around Memorial Stadium. It kind of feels like Nebraska is finally beginning to catch up with the rest of college football. Even the first down markers are now digital.

Nebraska is also catching back up with the rest of college football by having quarterbacks that are mobile. While all four quarterbacks competing this spring showed off their mobility, it was Adrian Martinez who stood out because of his speed. Nebraska finally fans saw why Scott Frost made a personal overnight journey to go see him immediately after he was hired.

Martinez led both the red and white teams in rushing with 60 yards and three touchdowns. He also showed off his arm on the 25 yard pass to Jaevon McQuitty in the 2nd quarter. It looks like he can do both. But it is his speed that obviously stands out.

JUCO transfer Greg Bell also looks like he is doing his part in bringing more speed to the roster. Coach Frost said as much after the game. “Greg has a gear that is pretty special. I think he has good vision. He’s got to get lined up a little faster and be more urgent sometimes. But he can do some special things when he has the ball in his hands.”

So according to the head coach even the fastest running back on the team needs to do some things faster. Again, everything is fast.

Martinez probably comes away from the spring game with the annual “spring game hype” award. If we were to be honest, Martinez’s 15 yard touchdown run in the first quarter would have been stopped by sophomore safety Marquel Dismuke if the defense was allowed to tackle the quarterback. Dismuke even stood around after the play looking at the officials with his palms out like the touchdown should not have counted. I don’t blame him.

After the game, Coach Frost attempted to throttle down the Adrian Martinez hype machine. When asked about Adrian Martinez’s performance in the spring game Coach Frost said, “I told the quarterbacks before the game to just go play. We aren’t going to decide who is the starting quarterback is today. In a game like that you might be the guy that is in there when the right play is called or the right guy gets open. And you might be the guy that is in there when somebody misses a protection and you get sacked. And quarterbacks can look good or bad through no fault of their own.”

Coach Frost is not willing to reveal who is leading in the quarterback race.

What was obvious though is Coach Frost is comfortable as the head football coach at Nebraska. At least at this time.

After the game there was a flood of media anxiously waiting for his press conference. Coach Frost walked through the doorway of the training facility and headed toward the podium. But then at the last moment Coach Frost took a detour and stopped directly in front of the group of twenty journalism students sitting on the floor. “Alright, fire away with any questions.”

After a couple of laughs, he proceeded to the podium for his press conference.

After Coach Frost’s media obligation, Tristan Gebbia began fielding questions from the media. In the meantime, Coach Frost walked off by himself to the far end of the weight room. It was a little hard to ignore the sound of Nebraska’s new head coach slamming the barbell against one of the squat racks at the far end of the weight room.

Only he knows what was going through his head at that time. But if I were to guess I would bet he was telling himself, “we need to go faster.”