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Five Heart Podcast: Spring Game Preview

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Hoss and Hooch give their rundown of the Spring Game rosters, growing excitement for Coach Frost, and the worst beer mixer in the world, probably.

Photo by Scott Bruhn/Nebraska Communications

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Hooch and Hoss talk about today’s Spring Game. The guys review the Red and White rosters. Who has the advantage in each position? Why do we think some of the roster decisions were made, and what does it mean for the overall depth chart going forward?

Also, Scott Frost was interviewed by Bruce Feldman for Sports Illustrated this week. While the straight-shooting coach didn’t say anything particularly inflammatory, was it particularly his place to speak out against previous administrations?

The Spring Game is mere hours away, so hopefully you have time to listen to this before the 11:00am kickoff. It has taken a Winter Frost to reignite the fires of the fanbase, as Husker fans like yourselves are expected to put more butts in seats than any other Spring Game in the country.

I tip my cap to you.

Also, and this is a serious question...who the hell (besides Hoss) mixes beer with orange juice?

And remember you can find the podcast the on PodBean, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Stitcher.

And you should know by now where to find us on social media. Expect some Spring Game thoughts on Facebook and Twitter tomorrow.



Hoss likes the beverage combination of Coors Banquet and orange juice. Does that sound at all appealing to you?

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