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Nebraska Football: Spring Game Rosters!

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Will the Whites beat Red this season?

David McGee

Nebraska has released the rosters for the somewhat unknown Scott Frost’s debut Spring Game, an event which is shaping up to be an epic smorgasbord of feelings and optimism and hope and 1990s nostalgia.

Helming the Red team will be QBs Gebbia and Martinez, while White team will feature QBs Bunch and Vedral.

The Red team leads the series 41-15-1. Noted local man Scott Frost is 3-0. His debut game in 1995 was a three-touchdown effort to lead White to a shocking win over Red.

Please remember this is a spring game. It is the veggie bacon to this fall’s thick-cut smoked bacon. Enjoy it, but I wouldn’t make my Vegas bets on what you see Saturday. Wait until Fall. Or December, if you want to save your money.

That being said, who wins, Red or White?

Anyways, please remember, there will be no fullback traps. I’m sorry. Under new management. Additional spring game details of a logistical nature can be found at the athletic department’s site.


The Rosters:

Red Team Roster

1 Tyjon Lindsey WR
2 Adrian Martinez QB
4 Jaevon McQuitty WR
5 Dedrick Young II ILB
7 Mohamed Barry ILB
8 Stanley Morgan Jr. WR
11 Austin Allen TE
13 Justin McGriff WR
14 Tristan Gebbia QB
14 Avery Roberts ILB
16 Ethan Cox CB
19 Mike Williams WR
21 Lamar Jackson CB
21 Mikale Wilbon RB
22 Alex Davis OLB
23 Dicaprio Bootle CB
24 Aaron Williams S
25 Greg Bell RB
25 Antonio Reed S
29 Ben Miles RB
30 Bo Kitrell RB
31 Collin Miller OLB
32 Pernell Jefferson OLB
32 Barret Pickering PK
33 Willie Hampton ILB
35 Caleb Lightbourn P
37 Wyatt Mazour RB
38 Damian Jackson DL
41 Deontai Williams S
42 Chad Alioth Jr. WR
43 Tyrin Ferguson OLB
43 Todd Honas WR
45 Ty Chaffin WR
47 Matt Jarzynka DL
63 Tanner Farmer OL
66 Hunter Miller OL
67 Jerald Foster OL
71 Matt Farniok OL
73 Broc Bando OL
75 Trent Hixson OL
76 Brenden Jaimes OL
85 Matt Snyder TE
86 Jack Stoll TE
91 Freedom Akinmoladun DL
92 Chase Urbach LS
95 Ben Stille DL
96 Carlos Davis DL
99 Peyton Newell DL

White Team Roster

No. NAME Pos.
No. NAME Pos.
2 Tony Butler CB
3 Will Honas ILB
4 Avery Anderson S
6 Eric Lee Jr. CB
9 DaiShon Neal DL
9 Keyan Williams WR
16 Noah Vedral QB
17 Andrew Bunch QB
18 Guy Thomas OLB
19 Marquel Dismuke S
22 Devine Ozigbo RB
23 Austin Rose RB
28 Eli Sullivan S
31 Kade Warner WR
33 Jaylin Bradley RB
34 Breon Dixon OLB
36 Christian Banker WR
36 Spencer Jordan ILB
36 Reid Karel S
38 Damian Jackson LS
39 Cole Frahm PK
39 Andrew Thurman WR
40 Grant Jordan ILB
40 Brandon Robbins WR
41 Justin Holm WR
47 Branden Hohenstein TE
48 Lane McCallum S
49 Austin Hemphill RB
50 John Raridon OL
52 Andrew Ward ILB
55 Jordan Paup OLB
55 Chris Walker DL
56 Boe Wilson OL
57 Jacob Weinmaster ILB
61 Bryan Brokop OL
65 Christian Gaylord OL
68 Will Farniok OL
70 Matt Sichterman OL
74 Jalin Barnett OL
75 Fyn Anderson DL
82 Kurt Rafdal TE
83 Bryan Reimers WR
84 David Engelhaupt TE
87 Conor Young WR
93 Damion Daniels DL
94 Khalil Davis DL
97 Deontre Thomas DL
98 Isaac Armstrong P


Which team wins Scott Frost’s Debut Spring Game?

This poll is closed

  • 46%
    Red by a lot
    (154 votes)
  • 29%
    Red in a squeaker
    (97 votes)
  • 9%
    Tie game, to show the unity of purpose
    (30 votes)
  • 7%
    White by a hair
    (25 votes)
  • 6%
    White in a shocker
    (22 votes)
328 votes total Vote Now