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Frosted Flakes: Baseball Is Bad, God Of War, And Weed Week

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We cover the gamut this morning!

Darin Erstad

Nebraska baseball suffered their first loss to UNO in 21 years last night.

This sucks.

You stand around Darin Erstad for even a little bit, the guy oozes success. You get that vibe off him. I am not sure why he hasn’t been able to get things going a little better (he DID win a Big Ten regular season title last season, just in case you forgot). I’m sure everyone else has the answers. They probably involve firing people because they always do.

Huskers Fall Short in Rally Attempt Against Omaha - Nebraska Huskers
Nebraska’s rally attempt fell short against Omaha at Hawks Field on Wednesday night, as the Huskers dropped an 8-7 decision to the Mavericks. The Huskers trailed 8-2 after the top of the sixth before scoring five unanswered runs.

I have not finished Far Cry 5 yet. I’ve beaten two of three minor bosses, but have yet to complete the game. It’s okay. I liked Far Cry 4 better, maybe, because there was no cynicism about the settings (American extremists and politics, blah blah blah). It’s a video game, for crying out loud, not a statement on the world.

You can buy a shovel with a smiley face on it and throw it like a spear to kill people 50 yards away. That sounds like a political statement as much as Charles Barkley wanted to be a role model.

Next up is GOD OF WAR. I have not played previous versions, but the youngest, rottenest son says the reviews are all incredible.

God of War guide: tips to know before you play - Polygon
God of War is now available on PlayStation 4. We’ve compiled all the tips you need to know before you play into this helpful guide. These tips will help you get Kratos and Atreus through one of 2018’s best video games.


No. 46 Nebraska Welcomes Wisconsin, Minnesota for Senior-Day Weekend - Nebraska Huskers
The No. 46 Nebraska women’s tennis team (16-6, 5-4 Big Ten) welcomes the Wisconsin Badgers on Friday and the Minnesota Gophers on Sunday for its final 2018 regular season matches. Sunday’s match against the Gophers will feature a celebration for seniors Katerina Matysova and Brianna Lashway as they play their final home match at Nebraska.

Anatomy of an Era: Zach Wiegert, Part 3 » April 19, 2018
Q: Any practice recollections that you’ll never forget?

ZW: The best practice we ever had was when Christian Peter got knocked over the head with his own helmet down in ‘The Pit.’ That was a pretty memorable one.

Husker spring game: Attendance through the years - interactive documents
We dug through the numbers to find the trends and factors that have made the Husker spring game one of the nation's most popular.

Then There’s This

Oh, and Uh.....

I have never been a big fan of marijuana. I was constantly encouraged to try it in college.

“It will mellow you out”, was the constant refrain, obviously stated because I was always moving a mile-a-second without the need for any drugs to propel me. Thing is, I didn’t want to be mellowed out. The people who sat around staring at a wall were the most uninteresting people I’ve ever known in my life.

The few times I tried marijuana it did not mellow me out AT ALL. It was like those medicine bottles - “may cause excitability in children”. I might as well have done 50 meths.

Now I’m a lot older. I’ve been dead. I have a brain injury, which by the way, when I wrote that I thought was from the large dent in my head. It is not. It is from being dead for too long. Turns out that can really fuck up your life. Who knew?

Thing is, I have never-ending headaches, sometimes bad enough that I am incapable of doing anything mentally more difficult than playing Battlefield 1 for hours. I am going back to a see a neurologist soon, perhaps to get some drugs. I will be asking about marijuana.

Before I go, I will be reading this. As the Boy Scout motto says, “Be Prepared”. I’m not sure they had this in mind, but they are all about rolling with what life brings, especially the unexpected.


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