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Frosted Flakes: Snow, Rewriting Genes, Promposals

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Jill is tired of winter. We also look ahead to the spring game and warn you to name your wifi network...carefully.

News: April Snow Bob Karp-USA TODAY Sports

The Facebook memes going around declaring this the 105th of January are spot on. This is the winter that doesn’t want to end.

We started calving a few days ago...just in time for a blizzard. For two days, we were bringing cold calves into the garage (loyal farm dog had to give up her bed) to dry them off and warm them up. Once they started running around the garage, and were in danger of falling down the stairs, we either moved them back out to momma cow or to the detached garage.

Fortunately, the mommas all took the calves back. That doesn’t always happen as the smell of the calf is changed when we dry it off, handle it, and mingle it with other cold calves in the garage.

Hay is hard to get this year, but we had to use a few bales for bedding. Of course, the cows ate some of it, but most was wasted as the cows and calves snuggled in to avoid the wet, cold weather. The calves are worth more than a few bales of hay, so it was a necessary choice, but the grass isn’t growing yet and the hay pile is getting small. Between the drought down south, last year’s drought up north still affecting pastures, and the late spring, no one wants to sell hay.

We had even more snow last night. And probably more calves. When you read this, ranchdude will probably be out counting, assessing status, and possibly bringing more up to the garage.


The Husker baseball team takes on UN-Omaha tonight. The Huskers dropped a squeaker to K-State last night in a game that broke the Wildcats nine-game losing streak. It seems likely the Husker baseball season will be a short one this year...bringing the summer of no Husker sports that much sooner. At least we have warm, fuzzy speculation about Frosty football to keep the message boards and clicks going.

Frosted Flakes

SAAC Passes the Torch to New Officers - Nebraska Huskers
I thought this was interesting, mostly because I didn’t know such a thing as the Student Athlete Advisory Council existed. - VIDEO: Huskers ready to impress on Saturday in front of 90 thousand

However, it sounds like the weather may not impress.

Breen leads Huskers, wins award
Danielle Breen who won Nebraska Student Athlete of the Year, leads the Huskers in to the NCAA championships (women’s gymnastics).

Husker spring game secondary ticket prices drop -

Remember all the angry emails and tweets about $500 spring “game” tickets?

Information for fans headed to Huskers Spring Game on Saturday - Omaha Sports Insider
Nebraska will hold its annual Red-White Spring Game on Saturday at Memorial Stadium, with kickoff set for 11 a.m. The game will be carried live on the IMG Husker Sports Network and televised live to a...

Scott Frost: Can Huskers great lead Nebraska out of darkness? |
The beloved Huskers QB-turned-coach has a lot to say about where Nebraska went wrong in recent years—and how he intends get it back on track.

The Wide Wide World of Sports & Semi-Related Stuff

The Next Revolution of Sports Cheating: Rewriting Athletes' Genetic Codes
Tomorrow's athletes could use gene doping to get an edge over their competitors, and officials don't know how to stop them.

Promposals: High schoolers use Arizona sports to ask dates to prom
Every year high schoolers up the ante on ways to ask each other to prom. This spring, some are using Arizona sports references to shoot their shot.

Promposals are stupid. So is prom. No, I’m not a normal female. There is a probably a reason I have sons and not daughters.

The 'Pedestrian' Who Became One of America's First Black Sports Stars - Atlas Obscura
Eighteen men competed in the race. Three of them were African Americans, including Hart. After Hart crossed the victory line, fans showered him with bouquets of flowers. His trainer handed him a broomstick to hold the American flag aloft during his victory laps.

Determined cancer survivor completes Boston Marathon
Cancer survivor Mary Shertenlieb wasn't about to let rain, wind or cold stop her.

Can Condoleezza Rice help NCAA fix college hoops?
When shoe companies are getting into bidding wars so that bit players land at their schools, you know you've got a problem. But Condoleezza Rice (and the NCAA) can fix college hoops if they're willing.

Michigan police investigating Wolverines player’s Jim Harbaugh tweets -
The investigation was opened on Monday evening.

Sports in the age of cannabis
Gone are the days of Reefer Madness, the hysteria of the War on Drugs. As more and more states decriminalize and legalize cannabis, we are seeing a new American attitude that views it as much a business opportunity as something to be feared or banned.

Then There’s This

WiFi network named 'remote detonator' prompts gym evacuation - ABC News
A Michigan gym patron looking for a WiFi connection found one named "remote detonator," prompting an evacuation and precautionary search of the facility by a bomb-sniffing dog.

Teen Plays Video Game During Tornado : NPR
A teenager in North Carolina kept playing a video game despite seeing the roofs come off of houses nearby.