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Five Heart Podcast: Things Get Weird

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Hoss and Hooch talk about the recent QB departure, skill players, getting Hoss a date and some unique tattoos.

Adrian Martinez (2) looks on as Noah Vedral runs a drill in a recent practice.
Courtesy NU Athletic Communications/

This episode is brought to you by Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (until Ty tells me where I can find Blue Blood Brewing Company products in my area).

In this episode, we talk about the departure of Patrick O’Brien from the Husker football team after he asked for and was granted a release from his scholarship. That really throws the QB picture into chaos as we had him pegged as the season-opening starter. So where does that leave the QB position and players like Tristan Gebbia, Adrian Martinez, and, dare we say, Noah Vedral?

Also, plenty of talk this week on the receiving corps, what could be a bright spot for the Husker offense. Stanley Morgan returns and could easily be Nebraska’s first 1,000-yard receiver. But JD Spielman is a returning freshman All-American, and Tyjon Lindsey is a dynamic playmaker and both figure to be key pieces to the Nebraska offensive unit.

And we’re trying to get Hoss a girlfriend, gosh darnit! So if you like long walks on the beach, a glass of moscato once a year, dogs, and a fella who can squat over 300 pounds, reach out via the social media access points below.

That’s Hoss’ dog Riggo.

Thanks to Tom and Jim’s Top 5 for recommending Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale. And to the good folks of Nebraska City for their contribution to trees and clean air and...arbor.

Don’t forget that the podcast is on Google Play and PodBean, as well as Apple Podcasts and Stitcher as it has been.

Enjoy the show!

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