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Nebraska Basketball: Xavier Johnson Requests Release from Letter of Intent

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The point guard will open his recruiting back up

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There has been speculation all week that Nebraska might lose one of it’s recruits at some point. Looks like that happened sooner than later for the Big Red.

This afternoon we received word that 2018 point guard Xavier Johnson has asked for a release from his letter of intent to play at Nebraska that he signed back on November 8th of 2017. This comes with little shock as Kenya Hunter, the guy who recruited him, left to coach at the University of Connecticut earlier this week. Many speculated that this coaching loss would be a blow to Nebraska.

Xavier was a very large get for Nebraska and proof that the huskers were working their way up the recruiting pipelines. He was the highest ranked guard Nebraska had landed in a long time and capped what was already a good recruiting class.

While he is not ruling Nebraska out of the picture it is hard to see if he will come back or not.