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Report: Comcast To Dump Big Ten Network

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Rumors swirling as largest US cable company may be dumping BTN

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Comcast, home to 22.3 million cable subscribers has decided to end their agreement with the Big Ten Network and will no longer be carrying the channel as of May 11th. First reported on message boards, and confirmed by Hammer And Rails, Comcast appears to have cut the cord with paying BTN any fees.

It does not take a genius to know with the rise of subscription based services such as Youtube TV, Playstation Vue, DirectTV Now and other alternatives to see that Comcast has put themselves in a bad spot here. Here is a nice tweet just to remind you that Comcast is awful.

While this may not be a huge blow for the fans back in Lincoln and Omaha who mainly deal with Cox and Spectrum as their cable providers, it affects the rest of the Big Ten in a large way. Many Nebraska graduates who live in Chicago have Comcast, along with those residing in other midwestern states such as Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. Losing access to Big Ten Network would be a blow for not only the football team, but also other sports such as volleyball, and basketball.

Last year, Nebraska had five football games on BTN, including three of their four wins! The Men’s Basketball team had 20 games on BTN and the Women’s Basketball team had six more. Add in Nebraska Volleyball, and you have a lot of Nebraska content missing from Comcast subscribers television.

This is a developing story, and we will keep you posted if the BTN and Comcast can reach an agreement.


It appears that if you are in the traditional Big Ten footprint, you will still get BTN. However, if appears that BTN is unhappy with Comcast as they have now called them out via twitter.