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Frosted Flakes: A Long Cold Offseason And The Mullet

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This offseason is going to be interesting, no?

Gallery: Armstrong Sets Record, Huskers Move to 2-0
I hope the weather is this nice for the spring game.

I’d like to thank Mike for writing the article he did yesterday about how much we don’t know about this Nebraska football team. If I had to add anything, it would be that last year’s team was the worst Cornhusker team since World War II, especially on defense.

We’d like to speculate that these guys will turn this around soon, but that’s all it is, is speculation. I know that Husker fans are hungry for ANY news about the football team. Patrick O’ Brien apparently didn’t speak to the media yesterday and it’s lead to wild speculation about his status with the team, even though he had to go to class.

That’s the kind of offseason we have. The longest one of all time...

This past Saturday I went to get a haircut. I’ve had the same haircut for years, the same “past middle age grey-haired old guy” haircut that’s about as generic as you can get. I got to Great Clips that’s just up the road and it’s completely full, despite the sign saying there’s only a 30 minute wait.

I give up on that place and head across the road to Sports Clips. There’s one guy waiting. This is the place for me.

I finally get up to get my haircut and the young woman cutting my hair is trying so hard to start a conversation with me. She asks me the general stuff, “Have I been to any good movies lately?”, “Do you have any summer vacation plans?”, “Done anything fun lately?”.

She’s not getting anything out of me because I live a pretty boring life and my memory is terrible. She then mentions how her nephew wanted her to give him a Mullet haircut, and how she refuses, that the “Mullet is the worst haircut of all time” and she planned to cut his hair and tell him it’s a mullet.

This sets me off for some reason. I point out that the Mullet is a great hair cut if it’s done in a punk rock style. The young woman cutting hair next to us agrees. She says if done correctly, the mullet is a pretty cool haircut. She doesn’t say it, but I know she likes the punk rock.

Somewhere along the line, the mullet got sidetracked by rednecks and turned into a joke. I’m sure it was those guys with the big sideburns. I hate those guys.

I have a mullet in my wedding photos. I tell the punk rock girl, “If people make fun of my mullet when they’re looking at my wedding photos, they may find a pair of scissors sticking out of their shoulder.”

She laughs at this.

And that’s the kind of offseason we’re gonna have.

Nebraska Bowling

Straub Honored, Four Huskers Receive All-American Honors - Nebraska Huskers
Nebraska Head Coach Bill Straub was voted National Tenpin Coaches Association Division I Coach of the Year, while Julia Bond and Raquel Orozco were named first-team All-Americans and Kelly Belzeski and Meghan Straub earned third-team honors, as the NTCA announced its All-America teams at the NCAA Bowling Awards Dinner on Wednesday.

Nebraska's first Mexican-born bowler
"I was used to California culture," Orozco said. "You listen (and) people are speaking Spanish everywhere. Here, you barely find Latinos. It was hard last year. I thought I needed this."


Karrington Davis Signs with Nebraska - Nebraska Huskers
Davis, a 6-foot-5, 185-pound guard, comes to Nebraska after spending his senior year at national power Montverde Academy (Fla.) playing for Coach Kevin Boyle. The team went 35-0 and won the Geico High School Nationals with a 76-58 win over No. 2 University (Fla.) School and a 71-53 win over No. 3 Findlay (Nev.) Prep. Davis is one of nine Division I signees on the Montverde roster, a group that includes four players in ESPN’s Top-100, including RJ Barrett, the No. 1 player in the class of 2018.

Neal and his twin roommates holding each other accountable
“I’m really excited to be back home and to get to play at a program like this,” he said. “I’m the fifth one from my family to play here. It’s a really big honor. It’s a privilege to be here and to get to practice and where the red N. It’s a big deal to be back.”

Frost talks recruiting, quarterbacks, spring game in Wednesday teleconference | KLIN-AM
“Everybody has Xs and Os to learn,” Frost said. “I suppose quarterback probably is the hardest, just because they have so much to manage. They probably have to know more things than everybody else, and sometimes, offense and quarterback in particular takes a little longer to come around than some other positions or maybe defense.”

College football 2018 spring game cancelations due to weather -

It’s supposed to be a weird weekend across the midwest and elsewhere, and that’s an issue for spring ball.

If Nebraska canceled the spring game we would all either die or riot.

FBI basketball investigation: Inside the allegations tied to Kansas
A superseding indictment filed against three defendants in the case alleges that Adidas executive James Gatto and others conspired to attempt to funnel "at least $90,000" to the mother of a recruit to influence the player to attend Kansas and sign with Adidas upon turning professional.

How Maryland, Under Armour were roped into FBI investigation of Kansas recruit -
Tuesday's report revealed how schools can, and might still will, get wrangled into this investigation

Taco Bell would really, really like Romeo Langford to come to Indiana - The Crimson Quarry
Yes, this is real, and we’re past the point of parody — I think.

Barry's found guilty of overserving, allowed to remain open | Regional Government |
State regulators have spared Barry's Bar and Grill in the Haymarket from being closed after finding the bar guilty of repeated liquor license violations in recent years.

MLB 2018: Pace-of-play rule changes could have unintended consequences -
Will Rob Manfred stop with a pitch clock?

Why Arizona State hired Herm Edwards and fired Todd Graham -
The new leadership model created by Herm Edwards and Arizona State athletic director Ray Anderson isn’t so new, but it could be a success story for an old partnership.

Then There’s This

Brain Injuries Linked With Dementia Risk
Researchers analyzed 36 years of data from 2.8 million people and found that those who sustained TBIs were 24 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other dementias than those with no history of TBI.

But the study did not prove that TBIs cause dementia risk to rise, just that there's an association.