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Frosted Flakes: Dave Humm, NFL Rule Changes, Ndamukong Suh

News of the day!

Miami Dolphins v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The big news yesterday in Huskerdom was that legendary Nebraska quarterback Dave Humm died from complications of multiple sclerosis. I am not going to relate any Humm-related memories, mostly because I am burned out from a heavy work week.

I will post this excerpt from Mike Babcock’s book, Stadium Stories:

”We threw the ball a whole lot. But some people thought we were drab and unexciting, and somehow, the coaching changed had caused it.” Part of the problem was efficiency. Counting bowl games, Humm threw for 24 touchdowns with 26 interceptions during his final two seasons.

Even so, Osborne remain committed to the pass. “I used to kid Tom, when he first became the head coach, all he wanted to do was throw the ball,” said Jim Ross, the head freshman coach and an assistant athletic director at the time. The veteran assistance among them Fischer and Mike Corgan, tried to convince Osborne to run “once in a while. But Tom wanted to throw it all the time,” Ross said.

We have built somewhat of a myth and legend around Osborne’s propensity to run the ball; that the only path to success for Nebraska is running the ball.

Former Husker QB great passes away
Humm kept the big numbers coming for Osborne's first two Husker teams. He'd leave the program after his senior in 1974 having finished as a second-team All-American and a first-team All-Big Eight recipient. He held one national record, four Big Eight record and 12 school records when his career was complete.

Dave Humm, former Husker quarterback great, dies at age 65 | Football |
Nevertheless, "I hardly ever talked to David when he wasn't upbeat," Osborne told the Journal Star. "You would think that sometime it'd be pretty negative or down. But he'd always talk about what a great life he was having. He was a very upbeat, positive guy."

Former Las Vegas prep star, Raiders QB David Humm dies at 65 – Las Vegas Review-Journal
David Humm, perhaps the greatest quarterback in Las Vegas prep history, died late Tuesday at Mountain’s Edge Hospital from complications of multiple sclerosis. He was 65.

Ndamukong Suh can turn the Rams into a nuclear-grade version of Nebraska’s terrifying 2009 defense -

Suh made five solo tackles, an assist, and a sack, and he picked off a pass, broke up another one, and forced a fumble. And that didn’t tell even half the story.

It would be really, really nice were Nebraska to pick up a player that is one quarter of that player that Suh was. Will 2018 bring any semblance of a pass rush?

'Hits and Picks' Are in Jackson's Plans for 2018 | Hail Varsity
It’s not just the practice tempo that’s new. The defensive back is on his third defensive coordinator in three years in Lincoln, and his third defensive backs coach. First it was Mark Banker, Brian Stewart and an aggressive 4-3; then it was Bob Diaco, Donte Williams and a scaled-back 3-4; now it’s Erik Chinander, Travis Fisher and an in-your-face 3-4 scheme.

JD Spielman Fits the Huskers New Offense Like A Glove | Hail Varsity
“JD’s the type of player that we like to recruit to this offense,” Frost said of the redshirt sophomore. "I think him and Tyjon [Lindsey] are both the type of kid that flourishes in our offense, guys that can win in space. You get them the ball in space and they can make things happen with it. JD’s done really good things out here the first couple days, he’s still learning like everybody else, but I see a lot of potential out of both of those guys.”

Morgan Returns Eager to Lead - Nebraska Huskers

Morgan said he never considered leaving, that the media created a looming decision that didn’t really exist.

People gotta sell subscriptions and web hits, dammit. What do you expect?

NBA draft 2018: Underclassmen early entry declarations as they’re made -
Most projected first-round picks will declare for the draft, but not all of them.

Did Michigan Get “Lucky” To Make This Year’s Final Four? - BT Powerhouse
Many have pointed to the upsets in the West Region as the cause of Michigan’s postseason success. Is that accurate?

Still Want Coach Painter Fired? Slow Your Roll - Hammer and Rails
The definitive defense of Coach Painter. Feel free to @ me.

Don Brown, Rashan Gary, Zach Gentry impressed with Shea Patterson - Maize n Brew
Quotes you’ll want to read

What they knew all along: How Michigan built a championship team - Maize n Brew
Without much belief early on in the season from outsiders, how this Michigan team has separated itself to make a run that was in them all along.

The NCAA Tournament Is Close Enough | mgoblog
From time to time you'll see an assertion that the NCAA basketball tournament is a bad way to determine a champion, because it's single elimination, not particularly fair, and doesn't really prove who the best team is

NFL rule changes for 2018: Helmet hit, catch rule, more - NFL Nation- ESPN
The revised catch rule wasn't even the biggest news out of Orlando. Here's what the ban on lowering heads to initiate contact and other changes mean.

A Brief History of NFL Rule Changes Allegedly Ruining Football - The Ringer
There is nothing quite as consistent in the NFL as rules panic. This week, NFL owners surprisingly voted to authorize a new rule that outlaws any contact initiated with a helmet.

NFL catch rule: What if Dez Bryant, Jesse James non-catches had counted? -
Today, these would be upheld under the NFL’s new catch rule. Instead, they all had ramifications.

NFL rulebook: League passes rule to prevent helmet-to-helmet hits -

The NFL is running the risk of adding an ambiguous and inconsistent rule.

It will be fun to watch NFL fans and announcers go ballistic about this next season. You know damned well there will be subjective calls that go against your team and ruin the game, all the while someone else will be complaining that head injuries are going to ruin the sport.

Then There’s This

Mark Zuckerberg Prepares For Congressional Testimony By Poring Over Lawmakers’ Personal Data
MENLO PARK, CA— “Once I’ve learned their exact personality traits from these data profiles, all I’ll need to do is tailor my responses in a way that preys on their hidden vulnerabilities. With all the good stuff here, I should be able to get those dumbfucks eating out of my hand and make it out of there in an hour, tops.” At press time, sources confirmed Zuckerberg was researching the lurid details of the committee members’ personal lives and looking for something he could use as an icebreaker in his opening remarks.