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Football: Spring Practice Day 2 Twitter Report

Spring Break Brings Spring Football

Robin Washut @RobinWashut

Spring break is over and the first spring for Frost and his staff begins today in earnest. Practices are mostly closed, but will happen Tuesday and Thursday mornings from like 6am to 10am, which are mythical hours of alertness, so presumably there will be some reports here and there, but it’s understandable that the staff wants to limit distractions for the players. It’s worth noting that our local media people seem a little bit miffed about this retraction of #content, as it has been quite some time since Nebraska ran closed practices.

Good to know us amateur couch bloggers didn’t miss anything.

Any who, Scott Frost led off the post-practice chat:

Probably to be expected. I’d be willing to believe this is the earliest any of those players have been up since their last practice before spring break. This isn’t to say they sat around doing nothing, just that they’re human and no human willingly gets up at 6am, unless you’re getting in line for a new Aldi.

Who else is excited to see Spielman running around in Frost’s offense? I guess it would be more impressive to ask who isn’t.

Scott Frost is literally kryptonite to off-season content machines. Between Frost squashing transfer conversations (that he can’t really comment on under NCAA rules anyways) and Moos saying he’s not looking for a new basketball coach (but won’t commit to extending his current one), there is just a dearth of drama to write about.

We’ve mentioned this before but if the optimism plays out this fall, this staff will somehow manage to completely over-haul our running back position in less than 12 months. That’s insanity.

One less offensive lineman, one more defensive lineman. Expect to see some more position changes as we go through spring camp.

No comment.

SOMEONE wants that 1000-yard season.

Duval’s program has been well-accepted by all accounts, the rhabdo incident notwithstanding.

It’s good to know our players are full of hope and optimism, though existing out of the realm of reality is a problem.

Anywho, that’s all I could find at this time. I’m sure we’ll see some more tidbits, but other than having a rusty practice, no news is good news in my opinion. It means no one is missing a leg or anything.

Check back later this week for the next round of news as Nebraska goes through their first spring under the former UCF Knights staff.



Here’s 247’s take: