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Frosted Flakes: Graduation Season Is Almost Upon Us

March Madness seems to cause an increase in a...certain procedure...among men, advice to young journalists, and gold falling from the sky

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

There is not much Husker news out there right now. Baseball is...ummm...suffering from having many starting pitchers currently without elbows. Basketball season is done. I love track and field, but can’t find much news on that. We haven’t yet entered the full swing of spring practice for football. Basketball’s silly season isn’t here yet so we can’t speculate on who is leaving, staying, or considering either.

Even football recruiting is hard to follow. AN OFFER FOR YOU! AN OFFER FOR YOU! AN OFFER FOR YOU!

So, what do we get to talk about?

Jill has a son about to graduate from high school. The first birdie is about to fly away from the nest.

I am not that old. Really. I can’t possibly have another adult in the house.

I was sad to send him off to kindergarten. It felt like I was giving him away to other people and I was somehow abdicating my responsibility. But he came back home every day and enthusiastically shared all sorts of details about school. That buffered the reality of him growing up for a while. Of course, the enthusiasm for sharing decreased each year.

The next traumatic milestone? It was the drivers license. That was way worse than putting him on the bus to go to kindergarten.

As a driver on that first day, he took his brothers with him to school. My entire genetic repository was huddled in one single vehicle driven by a 14 year old who thought he knew everything. I was terrified, but I gradually adjusted.

Now, he is turning into a useful human being that I enjoy talking with and getting to know. I want him to hang around here for a while, but I have to release him to the world.

I just hope I did enough that he wants to return once in a while.

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