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Nebraska Football Spring Practice Report #1 - Who Showed Up At 4 AM?

Scott Frost clearly wants a team full of morning people.

Brent Fields

Scott Frost had one practice before spring break. The practice started at 6 am. All of the practices will be at 6 am.

One has to wonder why he’d have one practice before spring break, and then then rest afterwards.

I have to believe he did it this way to see who would show up at 6 AM ready to go. The coaches can then spend spring break talking about what players are groggy, non-morning people, and those that are raring to go early in the morning.

That is MY impression.

Scott Frost’s impression is that he wanted to make sure that his football players got an idea of what practice is going to be like before they go off on spring break, drink adult beverages and eat garbage, then come back and are not ready to practice at the pace he wants them to because they spent a week screwing off.

Check out this quote from the AD:

“We [have to] be complaint with NCAA rules by practicing today,” Frost said. “We were able to count this as a practice week and we had meetings all week with the guys, which really got us ahead as far as schemes on both sides of the ball. I also thought it was good to give these guys a taste of what practice is like before they go on Spring Break. Hopefully that will discourage a little extra-curricular over Spring Break if they know they have to come back and work like this. We practice early, and we’re forced to because of schedules. Most of the team was here 4 or 4:30 (a.m.), ready to go. That shows me a lot of intensity and that a lot of guys care about what we’re trying to get done.”

Two things.

“Most of”


4:00 am or 4:30 am?


Man... I could stay up until 4:00 am most of my life, but GET UP at 4:00 am and be ready to run and jump and hop around in some semblance of order?


What Scott Frost really wants is a whole team full of morning people. Not only wants them to be up, but probably be happy about it, too.

We get this quote about the quarterbacks as well:

“Quarterback is the toughest job,” Frost said. “It takes the longest to get comfortable, the longest to learn. They have to know what all 11 guys on offense are doing, not just their job. I was really impressed with how well they took to it today. They had a lot of training in the classroom already with coach Verduzco and I thought all the guys functioned pretty well today.”

Read: It’s going to take quite a while before we have functional quarterbacks.