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Nebrasketball: Season Comes to an End in 66-59 Loss To Mississippi State

After failing to make the NCAA tournament, the Huskers hoped to get revenge through the NIT

NCAA Basketball: Penn State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Writing this recap was done so a little differently, as the media timeouts occurred at each U5 minute mark of each ten minute quarter.

So the first five minutes didn’t go too bad, as the Huskers only trailed 9-7 considering Isaiah Roby missed a dunk and the rest of the team shot a combined 3-of-10 from the field.

The rest of the first quarter didn’t go so well, as the Mississippi State Bulldogs closed out on a 10-5 run to take the 19-12 lead.

Luckily Nebraska is a great second quarter team and jumped right out to a 7-0 run at the next media timeout. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure when the media timeout was in the second quarter so I’m just going to go with the U7 media timeout.

The rest of the second quarter went back and forth with mini spurts and runs, as the Bulldogs led by five at halftime.

Third quarter started out with another back and forth affair, but it seemed like every time Nebraska would go on a run to cut the deficit, the Bulldogs would respond with a run of their own. After a bank-in three courtesy of Evan Taylor, the Bulldogs went on an 7-2 run to extend their lead 47-42.

If one thing stayed the same between the end of the regular season and tonight’s game, is Isaac Copeland’s hot shooting percentage. At the end of the third quarter Cope had made two threes, with two just rimming out. The Huskers trailed 50-45 at the end of the third.

Nebraska finally took a one point lead with 7:30 minutes to go in the fourth, but of course within a minute they commit about 4 fouls and Roby picks up his fourth, trailing by one at the “U7” media timeout.

The last 5 minutes or so we’re just horrible, consisting of dumb fouls and yes, another scoring drought that went for as long as four minutes.

What was such a great season historically, turned out to be a disappointment, with the Huskers failing to make the NCAA tournament, their top goal.

Nebraska returns four out of their five starters, losing Anton Gill and sixth man Evan Taylor. This Nebraska team has all of the tools to make the dance next year, let’s see if they can they do it. GBR.