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Nebraska Football: Spring Practice Kickoff and Pro Day

Frost speaks!

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-TBD Coach of the Year Reception Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Frost just finished addressing the media in kicking off spring practice and ahead of today’s Pro Day workouts for former Huskers. We will add more to this article throughout the day.


10:30 a.m.—Coach Frost Pre-Spring Press Conference

11-11:45 a.m.—Assistant Coach Media Availability

11:45 a.m.-12:15 p.m. (approx..)—4-6 players available

Pro Day

1 p.m.—Pro Day begins in weight room

2 p.m. (approx..)—Pro Day continues in Hawks Championship Center

Frost Press Conference

Jon: A lot of favors for offensive linemen.... well, right now that sounds like a very good thing because our offensive line needs all the help it can get.

Jon: Cole Conrad and Michael Decker being out is rather... troubling. On the other hand

Jon: If you were objective, you could consider this as “being soft”, right?

Anyone over the age of 50 will relate to you how their coach used to beat them and refuse them water and is it any wonder we are a fouled up (put the other F word in there) generation full of old, cranky people?

I don’t disagree with this approach. It’s a better approach than walking around screaming at people all day because they have a tendency to block you out and stop listening. (Hence why our old coaches had to use a baseball bat upside the head to get our attention.)

But be honest about your assessment of this statement. Are you okay with it just because Scott Frost said it? If Mike Riley was still around and he said it, you’d have a completely different reaction, right?


At least he’s realistic.

Run-the-Damn-Ball guy will be happy. Coach Frost made it clear, “Our offense is always going to be committed to the run first”.

Jon: One might wonder if he said this just to make Nebraska fans happy. I’m looking forward to AIR NEBRASKA.

Coach Frost also has a (gasp) flaw...”I might know more about hockey slapshots than kicking...”

We will add more throughout the day. Feel free to add your observations and thoughts in the comments!